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This journey equips you to know what the Bible says, understand what it means and apply it to your life. To go at your own pace, visit our library of previous lessons

Recent Episodes:

Lesson 200 - Dragons and Dinosaurs

Job 40:15-42:6

10/07/2022 Stephen Davey

Creation is a wonderful teacher. It is a powerful witness to the might and wisdom of the Creator. Observing what He has done comforts us with the... read more

Lesson 199 - A Trip to the Zoo

Job 38:39-40:14

10/06/2022 Stephen Davey

Dwelling on God and His wonderful creation puts our lives into perspective. Seeing the limitations of our knowledge and strength in light of God’s... read more

Lesson 198 - Water, Earth, and Sky

Job 38:4-38

10/05/2022 Stephen Davey

The great value of studying creation is that it gives us greater understanding of and appreciation for our Creator. It reveals His power, providence,... read more

Lesson 197 - A Word from God at Last

Job 38:1-3

10/04/2022 Stephen Davey

Our hope, our assurance, our peace, and our comfort in trying times are all tied to the truth that God is the Creator. Like Job, we can be sure that... read more

Lesson 196 - The Learning Curve of Life

Job 32-37

10/03/2022 Stephen Davey

Job’s friend Elihu did not have all the answers, but he knew when we are suffering and see no end to it or purpose for it, we need to recall the... read more

Lesson 195 - The Last Stand of a Desperate Man

Job 25-31

09/30/2022 Stephen Davey

To his credit Job did not allow suffering to rob him of his faith in God or his understanding of God’s nature. He did not grasp why God was... read more

Lesson 194 - A Saint in the Hands of an Angry Counselor

Job 22-24

09/29/2022 Stephen Davey

Wise words of counsel and encouragement are blessings welcomed by any believer. But words are helpful only to the extent that they are true to... read more

Lesson 193 - Resting on the Rock of Our Redeemer

Job 15-21

09/28/2022 Stephen Davey

Like Job, we long for relief and answers in times of suffering. But when friends have no answers and God’s Word offers no specific explanations, we... read more

Lesson 192 - Counsel Without Comfort

Job 11-14

09/27/2022 Stephen Davey

Life is not always pleasant, and as Job learned, sometimes even those from whom we expect support and encouragement offer neither. The one constant,... read more

Lesson 191 - The Hush of Heaven

Job 8-10

09/26/2022 Stephen Davey

When we insist on seeing everyone’s physical well-being as a reflection of that person’s spiritual condition, we limit our understanding of God... read more

Lesson 190 - Hitting Rock Bottom

Job 3-7

09/23/2022 Stephen Davey

Intense suffering can drive even a godly person like Job to despair. Many of us have been there ourselves and too often found no one who could... read more

Lesson 189 - The Ministry of Presence

Job 2:11-13

09/22/2022 Stephen Davey

We have all heard that actions speak louder than words. But sometimes it is simply our presence that speaks loudest and most eloquently. It is this... read more

Lesson 188 - Mrs. Job

Job 2:9-10

09/21/2022 Stephen Davey

Job is not the only one suffering. Behind the scenes his wife is dealing with the loss of her children and watching her beloved husband endure... read more

Lesson 187 - A Monument of Praise in the Valley of Despair

Job 2:1-10

09/20/2022 Stephen Davey

Job is sorrowing and for good reason. He has lost everything, including his children. But his suffering is about to increase with the onset of... read more

Lesson 186 - No Silver Lining in Sight

Job 1:13-22

09/19/2022 Stephen Davey

When life deals one cruel blow after another and there is no silver lining behind the dark clouds, that is when we most need to fall before God in... read more

Lesson 185 - Exhibit A

Job 1:6-12

09/16/2022 Stephen Davey

Is it possible to worship God even when He takes everything away from us? This is the question facing us in the book of Job, and the test case will... read more

Lesson 184 - The Greatest Man in the East

Job 1:1-5

09/15/2022 Stephen Davey

It is an age-old question: “Why do the godly suffer?” The book of Job addresses this issue through the sad experiences of the godliest of the... read more

Lesson 183 - Invisible ... Invincible!

Esther 8-10

09/14/2022 Stephen Davey

Esther and her cousin Mordecai are the heroes of the book of Esther. But behind these two is the ultimate Hero of the book to whom all glory belongs.... read more

Lesson 182 - A Series of Twists and Turns

Esther 5-7

09/13/2022 Stephen Davey

Unbelievers see in the events of life coincidences, fate, and luck. Those who know the God of the Bible recognize it is His hand at work in all... read more

Lesson 181 - Defining Moments

Esther 3-4

09/12/2022 Stephen Davey

It is easy to question why we must suffer through difficult situations. As chapters 3 and 4 of Esther illustrate, however, we can be assured that in... read more

Lesson 180 - The Contest and the Crown

Esther 1-2

09/09/2022 Stephen Davey

In these first chapters of Esther, we meet a proud, pagan king and two Jewish people who seem to have little interest in following God. But through... read more

Lesson 179 - Pulling Weeds ... Resisting Temptation

Nehemiah 13

09/08/2022 Stephen Davey

Following Christ is not easy. We need His grace as we fight constant battles with temptations, and often the same temptations day after day. This... read more

Lesson 178 - The Results of Revival

Nehemiah 11-12

09/07/2022 Stephen Davey

We often think of Nehemiah as the great builder. But his physical work and plans for Jerusalem and his people were simply the outworkings of far more... read more

Lesson 177 - Confession and Commitment

Nehemiah 9-10

09/06/2022 Stephen Davey

Faithful service to the Lord is not based on negative feelings of regret or brief experiences of joy. Consistent, enduring, long-term faithfulness... read more

Lesson 176 - Physical Restoration and Spiritual Rededication

Nehemiah 7-8

09/05/2022 Stephen Davey

These chapters in Nehemiah remind us that the same energy and dedication we give to achieving ambitions in this world need to be applied to our... read more

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