Lesson 4 - Saving Latter Day Saints

Lesson 4 - Saving Latter Day Saints

A typical sign of religious pluralism is the belief that everyone is on his way to heaven – wherever that is; that all religions are equally sincere; that there are different paths, but they all lead to God–whoever He is. And,everyone picks his own brand of religion; everyone concocts his own belief system.

You can pick a verse from the Bible, a verse from the Book of Mormon, a verse from the Bagavad Gita, a verse from the Koran, and simply create whatever God in whom you are the most comfortable believing. And, by no means is anyone allowed to question anyone else’s belief as right or wrong, since everyone is right. Whatever you think is right is right, because it is right for you.

How are Christians to respond?

From the pulpit ministry of Stephen Davey

This resource is from the pulpit ministry of Stephen Davey. Stephen is the son of missionary parents and was raised to love Christ and the gospel. In his last year of high school, Stephen committed his life to serve Christ vocationally wherever God chose to assign him in ministry. His first part-time opportunity was as a college student, serving one summer alongside his father, who had recently planted a church in Virginia Beach. As a part-time youth pastor, Stephen saw the Lord impact the lives of students with His timeless word.

Following graduation from Dallas in 1986, Stephen and Marsha moved with their infant twin sons to Cary, North Carolina, to plant The Shepherd's Church. From the very beginning, Stephen preached expository sermons, while Marsha created the nursery and children’s programs. In those early days, word of the new church’s commitment to Bible exposition and the doctrines of grace spread rapidly, and the fellowship was soon overflowing with attendees. In September of 2021, Stephen reached 35 years of pastoring this wonderful ministry and church family.

The full-length sermons posted here are the fruit of Stephen's preaching ministry at The Shepherd's Church.