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(Exodus 20:13) The Industry of Death

(Exodus 20:13) The Industry of Death

by Stephen Davey Ref: Exodus 20:13

The church has sent mixed messages to the world about the issue of abortion. 'Choice' is the buzzword of the day. Stephen indicates that the One who holds that choice should be none other than a sovereign Lord.



(Exodus 20:13)

We’re going to embark on a study, this morning, that I have probably spent more time, in fact, have spent over two years researching and compiling, convinced, as I spoke through the Bible, that eventually we’d come to a text that would allow me to pounce.  And this is the morning.  In fact, it’s interesting that today marks the anniversary of Roe versus Wade, where they legalized abortion.  And here we find ourselves in Exodus, chapter 20, reading the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.”  And what I want to do is introduce to you, if you don’t know, and I don’t think you know the depths of it, in fact, it’s to hideous to reveal all of the depths of this perversion, but I will instruct, as best I can, what is taking place today.  And then tell you what the Bible has to say about life and when life begins and who is the creator and the designer behind life and the process of conception.  The Bible is very clear.  In fact, you need to understand that abortion is not really new.  We trace it all the way back to at least 400 years before the time of Jesus Christ.  Medical practitioners today quote, if they so choose, the Hippocratic oath.   And that oath says, among other things, “I, as a physician, will not aid a woman in procuring a device for the purpose of abortion.”  If you have notes, I think it will be helpful to follow along because we have so much to cover.  In fact, I have so many notes, I don’t want you to run but, I have to look!  I won’t tell you how many pages but there are so many quotes that I’ve got to read, unable to memorize it all, I want to give it to you.  So please forgive me for reading so much material.  If I feel like you’re falling asleep, I’ll have Connie do a solo or we’ll stand up or do something to keep us all together! 

The first thing that I want to give you are the different types of abortion.  This is not to gross you out.  It is simply to inform you of the hideous nature of murder that is taking place in America.  There are several types.  There are three different categories: the first, the second and the third trimester. During the first trimester, there is what is called dilation and curettage.  This is what occurs.  The opening of the cervix is dilated with a series of instruments to allow the insertion of a curette or a sharp, scraping instrument.  The fetus is then cut into pieces and scraped from the uterine wall. Bleeding is usually profuse.  The operating nurse must then re-assemble the parts of the baby to make sure the uterus is empty, otherwise infection will set in.  There’s another kind, called suction curettage.  Using this method, the cervix is dilated and then a tube is inserted connected to a strong suction apparatus.  The vacuum is so powerful that the baby is torn to bits and then sucked into a jar. 

During the second trimester, this is the most prevalent form, it’s called salt poisoning or saline injection.  This method is used after sixteen weeks.  This is now when the baby is four months old.  When enough fluid has accumulated in the sac around the baby, a long needle is inserted through the mother’s abdomen into the baby’s sac.  Some fluid is removed and a strong salt solution is injected in.  The helpless baby swallows this poison and suffers severely.  He kicks and jerks violently, as he is literally being burned alive by the solution.  It takes over an hour for the baby to die by this method.  His outer later of skin completely burns off.  Within 24 hours, labor will usually set in and the mother will give birth to a dead baby.  And I’m going to read to you, in a little bit, a doctor who performs these, who rationalizes it, who justifies it but yet, he condemns himself by what he says. 

Then, in the third trimester, some of you may not be aware that a baby can be aborted up to the day of birth.  This is when this baby is eight, eight and a half, maybe nine months old.  That, of course, is by hysterotomy or caesarean section.  It’s used mainly in the last three months of pregnancy.  The womb is entered by surgery through the wall of the abdomen, the tiny baby is removed and allowed to die by neglect or sometimes killed by a direct act; that is, puncturing the heart or a blow to the head. 

There is another one, that you’ve probably heard about, the pill, RU486, that’s being sold in France and China.  This is called “the morning after” that literally creates an abortion.  And the feminists are demanding that somebody step forward in America to make this available.  What they don’t tell you is, the number of women that will die by using that and, of course, all of the infants that will die. 

You need to understand that this issue was even around during the time of Christ.  You know, that was one of the surprising things to me.  And, as I study the Bible and get into those commentaries and read what the ancients have written, it’s amazing to me how sin and perversions that we think are new on the scene are really ancient.  They go back as far as we can imagine because there has always been Satan and his design is to preempt the creative acts of God.  He could care less about anything else than shaking his fist at the authority of God, who is the power and the energy and the force behind conception and birth.  And so he seeks to do it.  But you go back to the Rabbis and, in the Talmud, “We outlaw abortion.”  Aristotle and Plato, in their day, defended, that’s before this, defended abortion for large families.  And during the time of Christ, the Greco-Roman world had three reasons why women would abort their babies.  These are found in extant manuscripts.  Number one, to conceal illicit sex.  Number two, because rich women were illegitimately impregnated by lower class men and they didn’t want the embarrassment of bringing these lower class babies into the world and then being responsible to take care of them.  And third, it allowed a woman to preserve, quote, “her figure.”  This is during the time of Jesus Christ. 

But the church then and the church today believes, the safest part in the world, in all the world, for a baby is the womb of it’s mother.  The Rabbis would treat this baby as a human being, a living being, not some appendage, not some tumor, not some embarrassment, not some kind of tissue that is to be discarded.  This was LIFE, they said.  We declare the same today.  In fact, the Didache, a compilation of Old Testament law, extra Old Testament law, said this, the early church law, “Thou shalt not murder by abortion.”  This is not new.  Today, they’re arguing today, as to what the churches position will be.  And this is, perhaps, one of the most tragic things about it all.   Because the world looks to the church and says, “What is the churches position?  What do the scriptures teach?”  And yet, there is the National Religious Caucus for the Rights of the Abortionists.  And that is filled with churches:   The American Baptist Church, The Church of the Brethren, The Episcopal Church Woman’s Caucus, The Presbyterian Church of the United States, The United Church of Christ, The United Methodist Church, The United Presbyterian Church, The Y. W. C. A., and on down the line.  People who have corporately signed the bloody decree that this is NOT life and we will snuff it out, if we have our will and our way. 

Well, if the church doesn’t know what God’s position is, if the church doesn’t hold to be valid the teachings of scriptures, then we’re all out to lunch.  The world definitely cannot receive an answer from the church if we abandon what scripture teaches.  And that’s why we’re going to cover dozens of passages of scripture in rapid fashion.  But those out there who say they represent God, whatever church they may be called, if they do not represent His scriptures, they do not represent God. 

I want to briefly expose some of the myths.  You hear them.  We can’t cover it all.  In fact, my purpose is really not to be an apologetic against all of these myths but I think you need to be aware and I want to do my part.  Number one, they say that abortion will take care of the, quote, “unwanted child.”  Let me read you this from the Planned Parenthood Federation, which is the hellish force behind abortion, “If women are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies, the result is unwanted children.  Everyone knows that they are among societies most tragic cases.  Often uncared for, unloved, brutalized and abandoned.”  That makes sense.  According  to the American Humane Association, between 1976 and 1982, the number of reported child abuse cases more than doubled from 400,000 to nearly a million.  The National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse posted a 35% increase in reports of sexually abused children in 1984.  In other words, ladies and gentlemen, the 1973 abortion-on-demand decision is NOT curbing child abuse. 

And furthermore, there is no such thing as an unwanted child by someone in this country.  I shared with you the story, quite some time ago, about the time my wife and I were expecting our twin boys.  And we were in Dallas and we went to Baylor Hospital for just a check up.  She was nine months, full term.  And the doctor there at the check up said, “Hey, what are you doing walking around, you’re about to have these babies.”  He ushered her into the hospital and sent me downstairs to fill out all these forms.  If you’ve been there, you know it’s the craziest time in the world to fill out forms.  So, I’m down there trying to remember my name and all of that, phone numbers, and addresses and everything.  And we’re filling those things out and then she hands me one and she says, “By the way, if you don’t want them, fill this form out.”  And if you only knew the trouble we went through during that pregnancy.  You BET we want them, at least long enough to punish them and then we may give them away!  We wanted those babies!  And I filled that form out but that peaked my interest.  I thought to myself, “Man, fill out a form to give them away.”  Well, that would be an alternative to abortion, obviously, but I thought, and I asked her, “How many people are on your list at Baylor University Hospital?”  She said, “We’ve got over a thousand couples waiting for you to say you don’t want your baby and they’ll give it a home.”  Nearly twenty five million babies have been deprived of somebody’s love and home.  There is NO SUCH THING as an unwanted child.  One American couple in six suffers from infertility.  It’s been estimated that at any one time, there are two million couples pursuing adoption. 

There’s another myth and that’s rape, a very tragic scenario and yet, a very small percentage of the entire scenario involving abortion.  In fact, in Pennsylvania, they were, at one time, giving medical assistance and free abortions to women claiming rape.  And there were nearly fifty a month until then they decided that, first of all, they had to go to the police and report it as rape.  And then it nearly disappeared.  A very slim percentage.  But, let me say this, because I don’t know who’s in this audience today and what you’re background may be.  It is never right, listen to this, it is never right to do wrong, even though it seems it gives you a chance to do something right.  You got that?  If we don’t believe that, we believe in situation ethics.  It is never right to do wrong.  Never compound the guilt and the pain upon a woman who has been raped to counsel her to become party to a murder.  What help is that?  It’s no help at all.  In fact, I ran across a story this week of a young, teenage, black girl who was raped by a white man.  Great information for those that would say, “Let’s abort.”  She was a believer and decided to raise this baby and brought the baby into the world.  That baby was a girl who would trust Christ and sing for Christ.  And, whenever you hear the song “His Eye is On the Sparrow,” you think of Ethel Waters.  She was the little baby.  It is never right to become a murderer, even if someone has been raped.  Don’t become a felonious criminal because felony has been committed. 

There’s another myth and that’s the back alley.  You hear all about that.  Planned Parenthood has the coat hangers on billboards and, “Oh, we want to keep them from going back to that.”  Do you realize that since it’s been legalized, six to seven times more women have died during the abortion procedure than before?  That also then can be considered a myth. 

What’s the force behind this?  Let me just expose some things to you.  First of all, the motivating force, if you have notes, I want you to write these down, the first is, a new sex ethic.  That is, in this country, the belief that we should have freedom to pursue whatever kind of lifestyle we want to pursue.  But we’ve got a problem, there is a consequence.  So, let’s rid ourselves of the potential consequence and then we can have this liberty.  That gave way, of course, or was compounded by, the rise of feminism, began by lesbians, who espoused total sexual freedom.  And then the E. R. A. came along, or closely on the heels, who demanded an on-demand abortion.  Listen to this quote, “Women are not equal to men unless they are rid of child-bearing responsibilities.”  That’s their tenant.  And then, of course, the population, that’s really another myth.  They say, “Oh, my goodness, where are we going to live?”  Have you ever heard of the fact that you could put everybody in the world, shoulder to shoulder, in the state of Rhode Island today?  And there’s a theological problem with that too.  God created earth and, in His design, He knows how many people earth can inhabit.  If we think we’re filling it up then that’s all the more reason to expect His return because He knows how big it needs to be to handle the population.  Planned Parenthood, of course, is behind it.  Planned Parenthood was created by Margaret Sanger, an incredibly immoral woman, a communist.  There is a biography on her life and here’s what she says, “Birth control, such as abortion, is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian church.”  You see what her motive is?  She didn’t care about the rights of a woman.  She says, “This will undermine the authority of the Christian church.”  I continue her quote, “I look forward to seeing humanity free someday from the tyranny of Christianity.”  She also expounded a six-fold plan for peace where she suggested we sterilize all the feeble-minded.  Feeble-minded included Jews, blacks, Catholics, and people like that.  That is the force behind Planned Parenthood.  And those are the forces. 

And, of course then, the final blow, as you know, January 22, 1973, Roe versus Wade, where they violated our highest court, designed to protect us, violated the fourteenth amendment that reads, “No person shall be deprived of life without due process of law.”  And here’s the pathetic twist, all the medical field will never say there is no life and they will not all say that there is life, there’s division.  Who would ever put to death someone because they’re uncertain, or if they’re uncertain if they are dead or alive?  Wouldn’t you think it would be better to make sure that person is dead before proceeding with abortion?  It’s inconsistent that the Supreme Court has also ruled that a man can be prosecuted as a murderer if he attacks a pregnant woman and the woman’s baby dies.  In other words, they’re saying that the only person in America that has the right to kill it’s baby is the mother. 

There are business spin-offs.  This really is grisly but I want to let you know what’s happening.  Business spin-offs from abortion.  In 1981, “Fortune” magazine declared abortion to be a billion dollar industry.  And there is a triple profit.  The first is, abortion itself, what the woman pays the clinic, what the doctor makes and all of the medical staff.  Then there is the sale of the babies.  They refer to them, obviously, as fetuses, I refer to them as babies.  They sell the bodies of the dead babies and they break the bodies down.  There are cosmetic industries built on the collegian which is found in tissue and bone marrow.  And, if you go to the store and you see something like a hand cream, ladies, that says “enriched by collegian,” read there to make sure it’s animal collegian because it may be baby collegian.  They sell it to unsuspecting customers.  And then, of course, there’s more.  There is the experimentation of the dead babies, live and dead.  Listen to this, “Abortion has been used to justify widespread fetal experimentation.”  For example, in 1973, kidneys were taken from aborted babies for study at Dow House University in Canada.  The “New England Journal of Medicine” reported on the study of the effects of a mother’s drugs on her babies that were aborted alive.  According to the “American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,” Dr. Bella Rush(?) cut hearts out of aborted babies and kept the hearts beating for hours.  In 1973, Dr. Ryes(?), at the University of Manitoba, cut open the skulls of live aborted babies and studied them.  He later killed the baby by a sharp puncture to the heart.  Dead babies and live aborted babies are being used in experimentation.  In fact, they’ve taken fetal organs and grafted them into rats to see how long the rats will live, in America.  Dr. Lawrence Law(?), of Cambridge University in England, says, he buys aborted babies to experiment with them, he says that, “A fetus is so much garbage.” 

Let me read you what one abortionist says, though, that’s currently involved, and how he condemns himself.  Dr. Joseph Shennons(?), aged 36, has this to say, “You have to become a bit schizophrenic.  In one room, you encourage the patient that the slight irregularity of the fetal heart is not important, that she is going to have a fine,  healthy baby.  Then you go to the next room and you assure another woman, on whom you just did a saline abortion, that it’s good that the heart is already irregular, she has nothing to worry about, she is not going to have a live baby.”  Dr. Shennons(?) continues, “At the beginning, we were doing abortions on smaller fetuses and the kicking and heartbeat did not manifest itself as much.  I think if I had started with 24 ‘weekers’ right off the bat, I would have had a much greater conflict, in my own mind, if this was the same as murder or not.  But since we started off slowly, with 15 to 16 ‘weekers,’ the fetus just never got consideration.  Then gradually the whole range of cases started to become larger.  And, all of the sudden, one noticed that at the time of the saline infusion, there was a lot of activity in the uterus.  It wasn’t fluid currents.  It was obviously the fetus being distressed by swallowing the salt solution and kicking violently through the death trauma.  Now, whether you admit this to the patient is another matter.  Her distress by unwanted pregnancy, to me, is the primary consideration, ahead of any possible consideration for the fetus.  We just have to face it,” - note this - “somebody has to do it and, unfortunately, we are the executioners in this instance.” 

What is the real motivation behind abortion?  Let me give you three.  Number one, decision making apart from God.  What I want to do this morning is to just simply reaffirm the sovereignty of God.  That is, He is the Creator of life, He is the rightful owner of life, He is the decider of life, He determines the length and the breadth of a person’s days.  It is NOT a woman’s right.  HE is the sovereign God, it is up to HIM.  I want to affirm that, this morning, as I talk about this. 

Number two, sexual freedom without consequence.  Did you know that nearly 80% of all abortions are performed on unmarried women, 80%.  Which pulls the mask off so that we see that, just like the time of Jesus Christ, there was this embarrassing consequence and the woman felt it would be better, rather than bear her child and give God the glory and hopefully turn that child to God, oh no, “We don’t want this baby.  It’s an embarrassment.  It’s an inconvenience.”  Internationally now, abortion has become the most common form of birth control. 

Number three, the third, materialism without restraint.  Materialism without restraint.  The billion dollar business out there related to the death of aborted babies is incredible.  And it is those who are making money, fistful after fistful, who now could no longer stop than they could help themselves.  Why?  Because without God, without His authority to stop this, will take from me my financial support and there is a materialist hunger that, literally, rationalizes murder, as in the case of this poor doctor who refers to himself as an executioner.  Why, we won’t even do to cats and dogs what we do to babies.  There is a law, it’s interesting, I came across a law in New England, there is a thousand dollar fine for shipping pregnant lobster because it will hurt the off-spring.  You see, we want lobster.  America loves lobster.  And you would never want to hurt the industry of lobster.  So you fine somebody a thousand dollars for potentially damaging an animal. 

Now let me introduce a biblical description of life.  We’re flying.  Principal number one, conception is the work or the act of God.  Mark it down, men and women, this is much more than the uniting of 64 chromosomes.  This is the creative, powerful act of a creative God, a powerful God.  We have given ourselves far to much credit for the procreative process.  It is God who is the ordainer of life.  Let me give you, negatively, what the scriptures have to say.  Genesis, chapter 16, verse 2, “Sarai said . . . the Lord hath restrained me from” - conceiving.  Check all these verses out.  That’s why I gave you the references, if you choose.  I’m just going to read them real quickly.  Genesis, chapter 20, verse 18, “For the Lord had closed fast all the wombs of the household of Abimelech”.  I Samuel, chapter 1, verse 5, “the Lord had closed” - the - “womb” - of Hannah.  You see, it is God who allows conception. 

Positively, Genesis, chapter 17, verse 19, “God said, . . . ‘Sarah your wife shall’” - conceive and - “bear you a son”.  Genesis, chapter 21, verse 2, “So Sarah conceived and bore a son . . . at the appointed time of which God had spoken to him.”  In the mind of scripture, in God’s revelation, conception is as crucial in the creative act of God as the development of the baby and the birth of the baby.  Mark that down.  It begins at the beginning, conception.  Genesis, chapter 25, verse 21, “And Isaac prayed . . . and the Lord answered him and Rebekah his wife conceived.”  Ruth, chapter 4, verse 13, “So Boaz took Ruth, . . . and he went in to her.  And the Lord enabled her to conceive”.  It’s pretty clear.  Judges, chapter 13, verse 7, Manoah is going to bear Samson, it says, “Behold, you shall conceive and give birth to a son,” - he - “shall be a Nazirite to God from the WOMB to the day of his death.”  Matthew, chapter 1, verses 20 to 23, it’s interesting and we need to understand, one of the greatest theological arguments that life begins at conception is the fact that Jesus Christ was incarnate.  That is, He left heaven and He became human, He entered the process of life.  And when did that begin?  In Bethlehem?  No.  At conception.  You see, Jesus Christ, at one time, was the simple unification of 64 chromosomes.  He was, at one time, an embryo.  God put Him through the entire process so He would know the process of humanity.  He wanted the incarnation to make that kind of statement, I believe, as we apply it today. 

Principle number two, physical life in the womb is the design of God.  We’re beyond conception now, into the designing of that body.  Job, chapter 10.  Let me have you look there, Job, chapter 10.  It’s the book right before Psalms.  Job, chapter 10, and as you’re looking for it, stand up.  Go ahead, you need it.  Job, chapter 10, just stand while I read these few verses.  Note this, verse 8, Job says, “Thy hands fashioned and made me altogether, and wouldst Thou destroy me?  Remember now, that Thou hast made me as clay; and wouldst Thou turn me into dust again?  Didst Thou not pour me out like milk, and curdle me like cheese; clothe me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews?  Thou hast granted me life and loving kindness; and Thy care has preserved my spirit.”  Turn over to chapter 31, verses 13 to 15.  Do you see how clear this is?  Chapter 31, verses 13 to 15, “If I have despised the claim of my male or female slaves when they filed a complaint against me, what then could I do when God arises, and when He calls me to account, what will I answer Him?  Did not He who made me in the WOMB make him, and the same one fashion us in the WOMB?”  That is the creative power of God, there in the secret place of the womb.  Be seated.  Psalm 100, verse 3, “Know that the Lord Himself is God; it is He who made us, and not we ourselves”.  Ecclesiastes, chapter 11, verse 5, listen to this, “Just as you do not know the path of the wind and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman, so you do not know the activity of God who makes all things.”  The wind is mysterious, it is the work of God.  In the womb, there in the hidden part, where God is creatively designing a body, that is His part as well.  They are both from His power.  Isaiah, chapter 44, verse 2, “Thus says the Lord who made you and formed you from the womb”.  Verse 24, “Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, and the one who formed you from the womb, ‘I, the Lord, am the maker of all things’”.  Psalm, chapter 139.  We read that, either pull out that sheet of paper or turn to Psalm 139.  Let’s look at that again and think, consider the creative power of God even then.  Verse 13 of Psalm, chapter 139, “For Thou didst form my inward parts” - literally, my kidney, that was the Hebrew euphemism for all of that material part of the body that is created in the womb.  “Thou didst form my” - kidneys - “Thou didst weave me in my mother’s womb.  I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Thy works, and my soul knows it very well.  My frame was not hidden from Thee, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth.  Thine eyes have seen my UNFORMED substance;” - how’s that for embryo? - “and in Thy book they were all written, the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.”  That means from the conception to the womb, in the forming in the womb to the end of life, God is the power, He is the sovereign behind it all, He is involved in the process. 

I think the application is simple then, from conception to birth and beyond, God is the creative designer.  By the way, this answers the problem of deformity, of handicap, of disability.  There will come a day when, by genetic engineering, or by genetic testing, they will give the woman the right to abort her child because they will have discovered Downs Syndrome, some disability, the lack of an arm or a leg, or whatever it might be.  And yet, you remember when Moses came to God and He said, “Oh, look Lord, I can’t go to Pharaoh, I’m not eloquent.”  Do you know what God told him in Exodus, chapter 4, verse 11?  He said to Moses, “Who has made man’s mouth?  Or who makes him dumb” - or able to speak - “or blind” - or able to see? - “Is it not” - God, who made us all?  Who are we to determine the worthiness of someone based on what we can see?  Hey listen, one of my favorite, I’m sure you’re aware of this but, there was a woman, I think it was her fifth child, all four before had had some type of handicap, some type of problem physically.  And she had a drunkard for a husband and so she conceived and was going to bear the fifth.  And they said, “Hey listen, you need to get rid of that baby.  Abort.”  And she decided to carry to full term and brought that baby boy into the world.  And he is my favorite composer.  We know him as Beethoven.  He, like this precious gal, deaf, when he composed “Moonlight Sonata.”  Who are we to say?  You see, that’s the problem, we’re the ones saying it.  We’re not determining our viewpoint, our belief upon what the scriptures say, that life begins by the creative act of God.  And He knits it together in the womb, He puts it together.  It is God’s right, no one else’s.  And that body inside the woman’s womb is not an appendage.  That is a living soul.  It is a body.  It is a life.  It is a human.  That gives different perspective into the whole issue, doesn’t it?  

What are the real results of abortion?  Number one, write it down if you’re following along, God’s authority is denied.  God’s authority is denied.  Romans, chapter 1, spells it out.  They did not acknowledge God, they did not thank Him, they refused to believe Him and so, the last part of that chapter spells it out, they become murderers.  Why?  Without the authority of God, I become God and I determine who lives and who dies. 

Secondly, a child’s life is taken.  It’s interesting, when this issue came before the Supreme Court in 1973, there were over 200 nationally recognized gynecologists, pediatricians, and medical professors who signed a petition on behalf of the unborn, in that case before the U. S. Supreme Court.  They had offered clear proof that these unborn are human beings with just as much right to live as any of the rest of us.  But, in spite of that, the Supreme Court ruled against it.  Eleven years later, in 1984, sixty one physicians, including two past presidents of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, they signed a statement entitled, “The Utmost Respect for Human Life,” which reads, “We urge all those engaged in the abortion debate to recognize that a central issue in the discourse must include acceptance of the fact that induced abortion causes the death of a living human being.”  One of the tragic twists in the logic of the medical field and the medical world, and I think society that backs it up, I’m not putting all of the blame on the doctor, is that they’ll take a prematurely born baby, seven months, and millions of dollars worth of technology will be rushed to the aid of that child to keep it alive.  And yet, they will at eight months, pull a baby, wriggling, crying, moving from the womb of a woman and toss it into a bucket and say, “That isn’t life.”  How tragically twisted. 

Let me give you another, third, that I think is often overlooked.  A woman’s honor and conscience is violated.  Since 1955, in Japan, fifty million babies have been aborted.  They call them water babies over there.  And they had such a fall out of grief, suicide, depression that the heads got themselves together and they say, “Hey look, we’ve got to create something.”  And so they have created Buddhist temples dedicated to water babies. And these women can go and they can buy, for a couple of bucks, American money, a little statue of Buddha dedicated to the memory of her water baby.  For a buck and a half, they can have a priest offer a prayer on behalf of her dead child.  Do you know, in America, that suicide increases among women who have aborted their child 400 to 800 percent?  They’re victims too.  They’ve been fed a lie. 

Fourth, a society’s future is condemned to death.  And I want you to understand me because I mean this from the bottom of my heart, abortion will not create the downfall of America.  Abortion exists because America has fallen.  It is the symptom of our moral decline, of our bent toward materialism, sexual immorality without consequence, and on and on and on.  And it is seen best in this mass murder.  So what’s on the horizon for a society that opens Pandora’s Box?  We’ll follow the way of Rome.  I think we’re in the last part of Romans, chapter 1.  And believe me, I don’t necessarily, from a theological viewpoint, believe that Jesus Christ has to come before we reap the benefit of Romans, chapter 1.  We’ve made God an American.  God is not an American.  We, like any society that shake our fist at the authority of God, will pay the consequences, we will pay the penalty. 

And we have already seen the door cracked open and let me tell you what else is going to happen.  The legalization of infanticide.  What that means is, that babies, once born will be, quote, unquote, “terminated.”  Professor Michael Tooley(?), of Stanford University, argues that one is not a person until he is self-conscious.  Children do not become self-conscious until they are about a year and a half old.  On this ground then, there is justification to kill a child well into his second year.  That is, that’s how we can tell now if they are going to be genetically capable, any kind of physical deformity of any type or malady.  We can still kill it, it’s not self-conscious.  You see that opens the door to infanticide.  It’s already accepted in Texas.  On April fourth, 1981, a young mother threw her live baby, born prematurely, about seven and a half months, out the seventh floor of a Dallas hotel.  The autopsy revealed the baby died from multiple wounds from that impact.  However, later the charges against the woman were dropped.  Why?  Because for another month and a half she could have aborted the child in any clinic in Texas.  That’s infanticide. 

And infanticide isn’t where it stops.  It continues on to euthanasia.  Our country is headed toward the legalization, like Sweden and others, of some form or type of euthanasia.  I used to think, for years, that was young people in some third world country.  That is not youth-in-Asia.  That is “eu,” which means “good,” and “thanasia,” which means “death,” “good death.”  Let me explain it this way, by their own declaration, in 1973, the Humanist Manifesto II declared that suicide and euthanasia; that is, helping people die or, literally, causing death, is entirely acceptable.  Since then, voluntary euthanasia groups have sprung into existence.  One group, called Exit, promotes a book, Let Me Die Before I Wake, that provides how-to information for those desiring to end their lives early.  The founder of the group, Derrick Humphrey(?), boasts that they have helped a lot of people die well.  A few years ago, Governor Richard Lamb, of Colorado, recommended openly that elderly people have an obligation to die and get out of the way.  Surgeon General C. Everette Koop has warned, for every Baby Doe in the 1980’s, there will be 10,000 Granny Doe’s in the 1990’s.  There are some that are already suggesting that we declare, as a country, the average life-span of a human being.  Let’s say it’s seventy.  So that, after seventy years of age, medical help is withheld if they get sick.  That’s euthanasia, we help them die.  That’s coming too. 

Legalization of drugs, that will come.  Why?  It happened in Rome.  In fact, the apostle Paul refers to drugs and the use of drugs.  Galatians, chapter 5, verse 20, he said, he gives a list, “the works of the flesh are” - these - “murders” - etc., etc., and he says, what is translated - “sorcery” - that’s the word “pharmakia,” which literally should be translated “perversion by use of drugs.”  Revelation, chapter 9, verse 21, says that these will not inherit eternal life.  Who?  Those who are murderers and “pharmakia,” those who abuse drugs.  Do you think the Bible is appropriate to the twentieth century?  You’d better believe it. 

Homosexuality and lesbianism and on down this tragic list it goes.  Thomas Jefferson, I believe, is the one who said, “A republic must either defend it’s virtue or lose it’s republic and freedom.” 

What’s the challenge for the church?  I want to give you it in one statement.  There are no human rights until there are divine rights.  We, as a country, I’m excited about everybody here that acknowledges God as Lord because you’re not included in the “we.”  We, as a country, have disregarded the authority of God.  And, when you chuck divine rights, when you throw out the fact that He is a sovereign God that we are accountable to, you lose the foundation for human rights.  The greatest thing that you and I can do, ladies and gentlemen, is recognize, first of all, we’re on a sinking boat, and get as many people into the lifeboats as we possibly can.  That little girl that lives next door to you will have to choose, one day, whether or not to keep her baby.  I wonder where these Chief Justices were when they were little children.  Were they near a church?  Did they live near Christians?  Who was silent?  Who didn’t tell them about Jesus Christ?  Who didn’t tell them about the authority that God should have in all of our lives and the value of life, the authority of scripture?  We now have another generation living around us within the tentacles of our ministry and we must declare to them that God is sovereign and only by acknowledging Him can we ever hope to improve our culture and our society.  We bring people to Jesus Christ. Let’s go back to Matthew, chapter 28.  Jesus Christ told them to go back into their perverted, degenerate societies and make disciples.  Who are you discipling today?  Who have you won to Jesus Christ?  Where are your disciples?  Everything else falls short from fulfilling that commission to, “make disciples” - to immerse - “them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you”.  We’ve got our work cut out for us.  There’s never been a more exciting day to name the name of Jesus Christ than today. 

Let’s pray.  Stand with me, if you would, please.  Father, we feel like the little boy with his finger stuck in a little hole in the dam, trying to keep back the waters of such perversions.  Burn into our hearts, first of all, the truths that You’re the creator God.  You not only have the right over every woman who bears a child, You have the right over our lives as well.  We are accountable to You.  We pray for our country.  A country that is destined to die.  It has already lost it’s freedom.  It is bound now to such perversions.  It is bound to the effects of it’s own sin.  And we also, as believers in this world, feel the effects.  Help us reach our world.  Give us the courage to talk to others about Jesus Christ.  Give us the courage to stand alone in the hallway of some high school.  Give us the discipline and the willingness to speak out, whether it’s on a college campus or on a street corner or wherever that may be.  In our neighborhoods, on the job, to introduce to people what the Bible says about life.  We love you.  Thank you for loving us.  In Your name, Amen.                                                                                                          

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