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Word Spreads

Numbers 33:40
And the Canaanite, the king of Arad, who lived in the Negeb in the land of Canaan, heard of the coming of the people of Israel.

Word of the LORD has spread through Canaan faster than the feet of these pilgrims. The stories of His victories, of His marvels and miracles, of the pillar of Shekinah glory that protects Israel’s advance, of the tabernacle and that Ark of the Covenant that sets these pilgrims apart have already travelled through Canaanite hills and penetrated even the most fortified walls. These pilgrims can’t hear the murmurs with their human ears, but every step forward in the sands thunders and sends a shockwave through the environs of hell. Every pebble their foot touches on the forward march is a milestone. Every square foot of real estate Satan has marked as his domain, all the fortified cities and backwater towns, all the kings’ throne rooms, and the slave quarters are stirring with the sound of movement that distinguishes God’s work from the enemy’s progress.

I wonder how many in this commonwealth knew of the king of Arad before arriving to his borders. How many of these young Israelites learned of Arad’s exploits in their history lessons? Probably few, if any. Arad may be a really big deal in his community, he may have monuments sculpted in his image, he may have courtesans cheering his every word, but his biography isn’t gospel. The advancement of his little tribal kingdom is dust in the wind compared to the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven. And just think: as these pilgrims set out on a new leg of their journey from day to day, and as the devil whispers in their ears, “Vanity of vanities! You’re nobody! This path is getting you nowhere! Give up! Go back! No one cares about your little promised land from your unknown God,” he shutters at their footsteps. He knows who they are—and he knows who you are! He knows he’s just a donkey on a Lion’s throne and it terrifies him to see that the Lion of Judah advancing through us!

Mark it down, friend: no matter how anonymous your good faith and pure love seem in this cold, indifferent world, word is spreading, and the rulers are watching, and God is being magnified in ways you can’t even begin to fathom.