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Sabbath Psalm 22

Sabbath Psalm 22 (from the song, “A Country Road in Two Season”)

I pass the whelming flood that pours into this restless town. Through the blinding fog that fills the air from sky to ground. Beneath a midnight sky that casts a shadow on these hills. Hope—the only spark—burns from deep within me still.

Winter has come, Winter has come—darkness is forcing its way through.

But I’m not overrun, I’m not overrun—cuz I’m running near to You.

As I make my way through this God-forsaken land. Watching devils laugh and drunkards clap their hands. Chilling winds pull me in and ask me for a dance, but I run on past. Up the road as crooked as the devil’s smile. Past the open fields where dogs and wolves run wild. And I tell myself in just another mile I’ll be safe at last.

I pass the gentle stream that whispers underneath my feet. Through the silver dew that glimmers on the newborn leaves. Beneath a midnight sky that sets the world alight with stars. Peace—the brightest one—sends its warmth into my heart.

Springtime has come, Springtime has come—sunlight is pouring its way through.

And I am undone, I am undone—cuz You’re coming into view.

As I make my way through this God-beloved land. Watching angels laugh and children clap their hands. Gentle winds draw me in and ask me for a dance, and I dance at last! Up the road as blessed as the devil’s frown. Past the open fields where lions and lambs lie down. And I tell myself this is my final round—I’m not going back.

The seasons have come, the seasons have gone—they’ve given this road a different hue.

The freezing, the thaw—I’ve learned through it all

 That this road keeps leading me to You.