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Sabbath Psalm 18

Sabbath Psalm 18

(from the song, “Paradise in a Paradox”)

There are stirrings in the world we can’t ignore. Like treasures from the deep that wash ashore. Signs of what the suffering is for. Is Heaven in our vision? Does God compose His greatest melodies—through instruments that get so out of key? Do grace and nature sing in harmony—if we’d just stop and listen?

Between the lines of suffering, faith reads another story. That all the sorrows, great and small—after all— will be transposed to glory.

I feel it in the kiss that ends the conflict,

In the calm at the end of the storm;

In the sigh when a nightmare’s over,

In the peace at the end of the war;

In the smile of a dying martyr,

In the light in my grandma’s eyes;

In the feast of a king with beggars,

In the songs that come by surprise:

Paradise in a paradox.