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Why would God create Satan?

by Stephen Davey

Jim from Virginia asked: “Since Lord knows the beginning from the end, why did He create Lucifer when He knew that Lucifer would rebel?”


This is an age-old questions that is important to grapple with. If God can do anything, why did he create Lucifer and allow him to rebel? Why would God want or allow evil in the universe He created? 

Here's what we know. God is both all-powerful and all-loving. We also know that God works everything out to the conformity of His will and His sovereign purposes (Ephesians 1). We also know that He is just and holy, but also compassionate and gracious and abounding in love.

Knowing all that shapes how we address this question. God is powerful enough to stop or prevent evil. God did not make a mistake by creating Lucifer. He created Lucifer intentionally. 

He created Lucifer with the ability to choose to follow Him or deny Him. If someone has the potential to love God, that comes with the potential to hate God. Otherwise we are puppets, created without any ability to choose. 

God, in His sovereign plan, created Lucifer, and all of us, as free moral agents. Lucifer had the choice to love God or hate God. 

Related to this is the fact that God chose to love us, even in our rebellion toward Him. Jesus came to earth knowing that He would suffer and die, but that was part of the plan. The greatest act of human injustice in history, the crucifixion, was also the greatest act of divine justice in history. According to God's plan, He ordered and allowed the crucifixion to fulfill the plan of redemption. 

Jim, God is in sovereign control over the evil and chaos of life. Even when it doesn't seem like He's in control, and even when evil seems to be winning, God is on His throne. While we don’t know all of God’s purposes and plans, we know that everything, including the creation of Lucifer, is part of God’s sovereign plan for the world and for our lives.

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Wanda B says:
To me I’ve always thought about the difference it makes when someone is forced to do something versus them making a choice to do it. It just means so much if it’s not forced on them. If someone loves without force, that is “love”