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Why did God create in six days?

by Stephen Davey

Daniel asked: Why did God create in six days?


Daniel asks great question! As someone deeply interested in the scriptures, I find myself pondering the intriguing aspects of biblical narratives. This is an important issue. "Why did God create in six days?" With infinite power and beyond the constraints of time or space, God can do anything He wants. While God chose to create in six days, He could have just as easily created the universe in six hours, six minutes, six seconds, or even instantly. His power, knowledge, and wisdom are all infinite.

So, why did He choose a six-day creation process?

The Six-Day Creation

While there are different interpretations of Genesis's creation story as it relateds to God's choice of six days, the explanation that has resonated with me the most comes from Exodus 20:9-11. Here, God established the pattern of a seven-day week. He could have chosen any other pattern, but a seven-day cycle was what He deemed fit.

We are encouraged to work for six days of the week and dedicate one day for rest and worship. God didn't just arbitrarily command this; He set the precedent Himself. In Exodus 20:11 (ESV), it's written, "For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy."

This verse is a clear reference to the creation week. It implies that God consciously chose to create the world in six days and rest on the seventh, establishing a pattern for us to follow as we organize our lives around a seven-day week.

The Symbolism of Rest

Not only does this pattern set a rhythm for work and rest in our lives, but it also carries profound symbolic meaning. The seventh day, where God rested, isn't about God needing a break. Instead, it is about completion and perfection. It serves to remind us of the sanctity of the Sabbath day, a time for us to rest, reflect, and reconnect with God.


So, "Why did God create in six days?" From my exploration of the scriptures, it's clear that this six-day creation process wasn't about the act of creating itself. Instead, it was about setting a divine pattern of work and rest, a rhythm of life for us to follow, and a weekly reminder of the sanctity and importance of rest in our lives.

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Tonia says:
Then why don't work Saturdays? I understand the resting on the Sabboath or the seventh day; as the bible puts it, but i don't understand what you are supposed to do on Saturdays?
Lemuel says:
Why do we keep Sunday when the Bible said, The Seventh is The Sabbath day which is Saturday. I agree that God created the world in six literal days and on the seventh-day God made the Sabbath day, He blessed it He hallowed it.,

[Lemuel, We follow the example of the early Christians who moved the day of worship to Sunday in honor of the resurrection. This article might help you:
Mutta says:
And who created the universe and all those galaxies with sextillions of planets and stars out there?
Maby god spend coupple of other weeks creating them and forget to mention it in the bible? Did he forget to mention all those blackholes out there that are eating planets and starts each day?