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What happened to Job's Wife?

by Stephen Davey

Theresa asks, What happened to Job’s wife? Is she the mother of his ten children born after he was restored?

Before I answer, I have 10-minute lesson about Job's Wife that you can watch HERE. If you would like to study Job in more detail, I have a book available here

What makes this question an especially difficult one to answer is the fact that Job’s wife, or Mrs. Job as I like to call her, is a largely anonymous biblical figure. She is never named and only speaks briefly in Job 2.

Because of that, I cannot give a definitive answer with the authority of God’s Word when it comes to Job’s wife; but I do believe that Job’s wife at the end of the book of Job is the same woman as at the beginning. I believe Mrs. Job experienced all the suffering of Job—along with her own suffering—and was restored with Job to fullness of life at the end of the book.

While some Hebrew tradition contends that Job’s wife was Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, we cannot know for sure. Historical evidence does indicate that Job lived around the same time as Jacob, but there is no clear biblical evidence that he married Dinah.

Whomever she was, the Bible does not list the death of Job’s wife as any of the curses brought upon Job by Satan with the permission of God. While the Bible clearly records the death of Job’s children, we know that Job’s wife remains alive after the suffering is inflicted, because she speaks to Job in the midst of his suffering.

After she speaks, the book of Job never records her death or indicates that Job remarried. Because of that, the most reasonable interpretation of the end of Job is that the same woman who bore Job his first ten children who died also bore him ten children after he was restored, and together their family unit and family legacy was preserved.

Here's more about her: 

Job's Wife in the Bible:

In the Bible, Job's wife is only mentioned a few times, but her words have become famous. In Job 2:9-10, after Job loses his wealth, his children, and his health, his wife tells him to "Curse God and die!" Job's response is to rebuke her, saying, "You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?" This interaction has led to much speculation about Job's wife and her character.

The Meaning of Job's Wife's Words:

The words spoken by Job's wife are often misunderstood. Some interpret her words as an expression of her own despair and frustration, while others see her as a temptress trying to lead Job away from his faith. However, it's important to consider the context of the story. Job's wife had also lost her children and wealth, and she may have been expressing her own grief and anger at God. Additionally, the phrase "curse God and die" may have been a common expression of extreme despair in that time and culture.

The Role of Job's Wife in the Story:

While Job's wife is only mentioned briefly in the Bible, her role in the story is significant. Her words provide a contrast to Job's unwavering faith in God, and her presence serves to highlight the depth of Job's suffering. Additionally, her words set the stage for Job's response, which emphasizes the importance of trusting God in the face of adversity.

Historical Interpretations of Job's Wife:

Throughout history, Job's wife has been interpreted in different ways. Some have seen her as a negative influence, while others have sympathized with her pain and struggles. She is highly regarded in many Christian traditions, and in some Jewish traditions, she is seen as a righteous woman who stood by her husband even amid tragedy.

Lessons from Job's Wife:

While Job's wife is a minor character in the story of Job, her words and actions provide valuable insights into the nature of faith and suffering. Her example challenges us to confront our own doubts and fears, and to trust in God even in the midst of pain and loss. Ultimately, the story of Job and his wife reminds us of the power of faith and the importance of standing firm in the face of adversity.

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Jason Lanning says:
She must have been an awful woman or Satan would have taken her too. I think she was left alive to further Job's suffering
Nicholas Mensah says:
Would like to know God more and more. Process through which Job's wife pass before she died...... Who was the last person Satan killed during Job's predicament......
Lee says:
Jobs wife suffered as he did...of course what was happening.... Satan had permission for cursing....killing....HE DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO TOUCH JOB.... As the word speaks of "the two shall become one" Job and "Mrs Job were ONE / Echad ....Mrs Job was protected....touching her would be touching him..... After the suffering....I would assume restoration and Renewal We're his children replaced or added to ?
Amie Estraza says:
I just want to ask question, what happened to job's wife did she returned back to Job after he leave him?
Chocho says:
I believe jobs wife was part of the plan all along, it was all a plot against job from the beginning. The blessings were also the curse, which later became the blessings and better. So yes it's possible that she was the mother of the later children. But she definitely never had jobs heart anymore. That's my opinion
Kia says:
I’m not sure what happened to Mrs Job but I can’t imagine what she went through. Loosing so much, she lost her faith. Knowing her husband did no wrong, she wanted it all to stop! I think some of us may have said the same thing to our husband in desperation.
Jesugbemi Foyinsayemi says:
I think Job’s wife was spared because they had become one. The Bible says God told Satan not to hurt Job. He and his wife and become one, so she was Job and he was his wife. It just goes to show the sacrament of marriage
Taderera Chisi says:
I want to believe that Job's wife was part of the plan to cause more suffering to Job. I say this because, I have discovered that, anyone can curse me in any way and I do not mind it much. But if a curse or a nasty or bad word comes from my spouse it hurts so bad. It's worse than a spear going through the intestines. So I can imagine how Job felt when that person, the wife, whose shoulder he desperately needed to lean on was telling him to die. It must have been emotionally terrible.
Evette says:
I ask the lord and I was so surprised that I saw someone put the same thing in the comment. The two shall become one. Praise God for his answers amen😊🙏
Victor says:
She was a horrible person, telling Job to curse God and die. Her name in Hebrew means Satan. Most likely she was a wedge between Job and kids, and God thought it an act of mercy to take kids, rather than face a life of misery with that wench.
Michelle Tope says:
I believe Job’s wife was with him when the restoration happened. In the Old Testament women were covered by their fathers or husbands, she only said what she said because it was painful to lose children. Just imagine the pain of losing a child then you lose all of them at once! That is too much for one person. We have people these days that give up on God just because they are going through some hard times, whether it’s the economy or job loss or whatever it is, now imagine what happened to those people in one day!!!!! She definitely was restored together with her husband.

Most people that are against her do not know the pain of losing a child, let alone all your children in one day. Let us not trivialize people’s circumstances and yet if it were us, we would want to be understood or sympathized with.
kkqu2 says:
Job first wife (Satitis) recorded in book of Josephus states she ask Job permission to go dig in the ruble for her 10 children's dead bodies. but Job tells her no. so she goes out and stands where the dead cattle and beasts are and dies there. it describes her as being a princess and Job as being the head chief of a great tribe. Now remember these children are full grown it says they have houses of their own. so this woman is probably in early 50's maybe menopause? so more likely another fable told is that Job marries DINAH Jacob's daughter and she is one to give him 10 more children,, and notice that God doubles the amounts of all of cattle but he does not double the number of children they are just replaced... I think this is because the spirits of the first 10 children live on in eternity and the replacement plus spirits doubles the children. Now lets look at first wife and give her benefit of doubt here: She just as well as Job has lost 10 children, all wealth all public acknowledgement and house and all that is left is her and her husband- s-he is GRIEVING very bad. In the back of her mind she is fearing losing her husband also. Job does not scold her for her remark because he knows her from her past how strong her FAITH has been so he is encouraging her to look to God and remain Faithful to God. and she being married to Job in God's eyes makes her one and same part of Job so she is protected from Satan as is Job from death unless she chooses to turn on God. so lets give her some slack and view her emotions as being important enough to consider before judging her harshly. She is suffering greatly, processing her loss and then also having to stand by and watch her husband suffer even more the very one she has devoted her life to all these years. she does not want to see him suffer anymore. but she is trying to find faith enough through these hard times to pull herself together and remain faithful to God and to her husband, really saying if it will ease your suffering husband just let me die in your place. Now that is true love.
jmac says:
Job's wife lost everything just as he did. When she spoke it was from a point of grief, just as Job did. However her grief was pointed toward her husband. Who else was there for her to blame? Her husbands answer toward her could offer little solace. Satan was allowed to touch Job's body, he just was not allowed to take his life. His wife was not part of the bargain, Satan did not have permission to touch her. Her husband must have looked a sight and there he sit in ashes, not doing anything but moping. So, what should he have done. The same thing we do today! Ask for forgiveness! Even if we don't know the why yet. God should always be approached as the owner of everything because He is. He doesn't have to answer to us, we are the creation. As Job found out when God started a dialogue with him. However lucky for Job, he maintained his integrity before God. Meaning he continued to Reverence and praise God for who He is and because of that God could restore with a double portion to Job. I use to hate this book full of misery but no more, the lession within never grow old. Prayer is our approach to God and reverence and praise opens the door so we can approach. God inhabits the praises of His people. Psm 22:3
Gwen Rios says:
In the comments, Victor said Jobs wife's name means Satan. How would anyone know her name, since the Bible never mentions her name.

I caution people to not let their imaginations run wild, and in the process, start embellishing the story. We don't know Job's wife's name. Nor, do we know anything else about her. The rest of the story can only be interpreted as written.
Samuel Sparks says:
It says plainly That Jobs Wife Died with the Cattle , it’s impossible for her to be the same women Who Job had 7 sons and 3 daughters with Duuuuu She is not a good example of wife should be , she wants Job To Curse God and The Afterwords She’s in Such Despair she dies with the Cattle a Perfect Example of how a Women Falls apart During Stressful Times She certainly wasn’t very Comforting To Her Husband, Which he Desperately Needed at the Time his own Wife deserts him
Beth says:
How is it so easy for some to say "He had all he lost returned to him with interest!" Or similar? Children are not replaceable, or am I the only one who thinks that way?
Jenny says:
Job's wife was definitely not Dinah. His friends sacrificed 7 bullocks and 7 rams. That was part of the sin offering so this is well after the 400 years in Egypt.
Clarence Archer says:
That was a pretty decent response and very believable.
Marilyn says:
I feel for Job’s wife. She went through a tremendous amount of suffering and Job was in no condition to be a support to her. Perhaps she said ‘curse God and die’ because she pitied him as he sat among the potsherds. I’d like to think there was a happily ever after’ for both of them.
Robert Gibboyi says:
Job's wife according to the statement that "curse God and die" was not in line with the faith as her husband Job so she tried to derail him just as Eve did to Adam. Women easily turn away in any circumstance hence an opening to men not trust a woman wholily because they are weak by their nature and can be lured at any Moment. God bless u
Martina says:
Curse is actually a Euphemism. So she actually meant BLESS! Also, I believe she was actually doing what was needed. Keeping Job on his feet so he would not actually curse God.
Samuel Sparks says:
Jobs wife was a despicable Woman abandons Job encouraging him to curse God and Die and later dies among the Cattle I do not see anything that would suggest a supportive Wife But nothing but a Coward Betraying her Husband in his deepest pain and hour
Wayne says:
The reference to the wife's name and who Job married afterwards I think come from Josephus (?). Not scriptural, true. But, we do glean a lot from Josephus on other issues with out problems. (Take his thoughts and compare to actual scripture and historically proven facts) When his wife said "curse", the actual word is H1288... in Hebrew, it means to "bless". In only 1 translation dictionary (twot) is it "curse", but it seems all of our Bible translations choose to use "cusre" instead of the real Hebrew word of "bless". Somewhat makes me think of Pharoh when he told Moses to leave so "Then you shall bless me too" Exodus 12:32 I could be way off, but it is the same H1288 used here, as well as 99% of the time it's used. Hmm. Yes, Job's wife went through it all and suffered also. But, we do not know who or what she was. Is saying anything outside of scripture about her just speculation? It certainly would be adding to scripture if it's not written in there, right?
Harper says:
[Comment from WI: While we disagree with your speculation, we're glad you engaged with our content.]
Annoying when people read bible in context of current tradition.

It was the "Master's" duty to marry off his female servants or give her children himself. It was a sin to not allow a maidservant to bear children.

To think that a single women bore 20 children when Job had ton's of maidservants is insane... most likely many of his first few children were also by maidservants let alone the final 10. If the term "children" is only accounting for those born under a "wife" than I would presume the 2nd 10 were from a new wife or Job had multiple wives
Fontem Jackson says:
Satan actually touched Job's wife, but Job didn't permit Satan's endeavour to materialize. Satan spoke through Job's wife to Job's saying "Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die." (Job 2:9) Remember that Job's attack was against his spiritual integrity. So this wasn't the wife speaking, but Satan through her. It wa another strategy of satan to cause Job to deny his God. She became satan's transparency, just as Peter became satan's transparency with Jesus to hinder him, who saw it well and said, "Get the behind me Satan." Job and his wife are one not just in position bur in equality. So, if Satan had succeeded to convince job through his wife to curse God, all of them would have actually died - as was the case with Adam and Eve. But job was wise enough to understand what was going on, like Jesus in Peter's case. Job and his wife are one, and the wife cannot be destroyed except Job breaks his covenant with God. That's why Eve could not die until Adam went against God's word to him, and ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Again Job and wife were one man that owned his businesses, and children and servants. But Job and the wife were one spirit, and one flesh, and not two. So, technically, the predicament of job was that of the wife, and Job is the leadership part of that oneness because of his spiritual integrity. In conclusion, job's wife wasn't touched because of his spiritual integrity. Job and his wife were joint heirs to the grace of life, and everything they owned. Everything that belonged to Job, belongs to the wife. But Job's wife wasn't one of the things that belonged to Job. Job's wife was Job in a female form. And I can conclude that Job's wife is the same wife she got the other 10 children with after restoration. She too must have been restored to her previous spirirual integrity as the husband. This is what I can say concerning the question. Thank you.
Samuel Sparks says:
I could have sworn Having Read Somewhere in The Book of Job That Jobs Wife Died among the Cattle of The Field but am unable to find out Where in The Book of Job of it Recording That about Jobs Wife Someone Help me before I pull my hair Out I KNOW I remember Reading that in Job