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Everything Depends on the Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:1-28)

The Foundation of Our Faith and Future

07/12/2024 Stephen Davey

In this episode, we dive into 1 Corinthians 15:1-28, where the Apostle Paul addresses the critical importance of the resurrection. As Paul refutes... read more

About The Wisdom Journey:

The Wisdom Journey will teach you the entire Bible over three years with a new 10-minute episode each weekday. Here's what you can expect:

  • You will learn the entire storyline of the Bible.
  • You will discover how the Bible fits together to tell one primary story - the story of God's love for you.
  • You will gain practical insight to help you obey the Bible each day.

Key Features of The Wisdom Journey:

Fast Paced: Each lesson in The Wisdom Journey is roughly 10-minutes. If you only do one lesson per day, you can complete the entire journey in three years. This makes it ideal for busy individuals and families. 

Flexible Delivery: Do you prefer listening to podcasts? You can! Would you rather watch videos? No problem! Use these lessons however you prefer. If you want to watch one lesson per day, we suggest following along with us. The cycle will repeat so you won't miss a thing. If you'd rather go back and start at the beginning, feel free. We post each lesson so you can watch from the beginning.

Practical Insight: Stephen Davey is your guide along The Wisdom Journey. Stephen has been teaching the Bible for over 35 years. Although he is a pastor, these are not sermons. These lessons are produced exclusively for The Wisdom Journey in Stephen's winsome, practical style.

Biblically Faithful: We believe the Bible is true, and contains God's message to us. Our focus is on teaching the Bible clearly and accurately. Whether you've been a Christian for decades, are a new Christian, or are simply searching for answers, The Wisdom Journey will teach you what the Bible says and means.

Genesis through Revelation: The Wisdom Journey will teach through the entire Bible. We don't exclude any book or topic. Our goal is to help you understand ALL of the Bible.

Application Oriented: If you're a Christian, it's not enough to just know what the bible says. You need to obey it. Each lesson will provide practical application and principles to help you live out what you learn.

Global Focus: Eighty-five percent of the world’s population speaks in one of the top 100 languages. Our vision is to translate and produce The Wisdom Journey into each of those 100 languages. We're trusting God for the financial resources that project will need.

Ready to begin your journey: Here are some next steps:

  1. Scroll back up on this page to watch our latest episode and see what the Wisdom Journey is like. 
  2. Decide how you want to follow. We post each new lesson on our website so you can keep pace with us right here. To find a particular episode or just browse, visit our previous episodes page. As you explore, you'll see even more options. We offer a daily email to bring the Wisdom Journey right to your inbox. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, and more. 
  3. Take your Wisdom Journey even further. When you join The Crew, you receive access to the study guides for each lesson, and the corresponding Bible reading Plan. Learn more about The Crew and access a free sample study guide.