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Lesson 20 - The Birth of Isaac

Genesis 20-21

01/28/2022 Stephen Davey

It's comforting to know that through all our failures and faithlessness, God never changes. His promises will never be broken. The birth of Isaac is... read more

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About Your Journey:

The Wisdom Journey will take you through the Bible in three years of 10-minute weekday programs.

The Wisdom Journey...

  • ...will teach you the entire storyline of God's Word.
  • ...makes a great daily video-based devotional for the whole family.
  • ...can be used as a Bible curriculum for homeschool families.

Genesis through Revelation: The Wisdom Journey will teach through the entire Bible, from Genesis through Revelation. It is a three-year journey with one lesson each weekday. Our goal is to help you understand the truth of God’s Word and apply that truth to your life so that you will live courageously and obediently for the glory of Jesus Christ. 

Application Oriented: We are committed to the final authority of God’s Word. Each lesson will provide life application as well as principles for personal study and small-group settings. Our desire includes equipping pastors and ministry leaders around the world with solid Bible exposition in audio and print formats.

Global Focus: Eighty-five percent of the world’s population speaks in one of the top 100 languages. Our vision is to translate, record, and broadcast this new resource into each of those 100 languages. We're trusting God for the resources we would need. The complete package of translating, recording, and broadcasting the entire three years of The Wisdom Journey will cost Wisdom International approximately $250,000 per language. 


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