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Wrestling Rasputins

The Ministry of the Spirit

06/18/2024 Stephen Davey

In this episode, we explore the incredible story of a first-century encounter that reveals the power of the Holy Spirit and the boldness required to stand against spiritual opposition. Starting with the dramatic history of Rasputin, a demonically empowered holy man whose influence led to the downfall of the Russian monarchy, we draw parallels to a biblical account from the book of Acts. We delve into the mission of Paul and Barnabas, who confronted Elymas, a magician with evil intentions, and how God intervened in a miraculous way to protect His mission and spread the gospel.

We will examine the leadership of the church at Antioch, a diverse and united community that became a model of missionary zeal and doctrinal courage. As we study Acts 13, we see how the Holy Spirit called and sent out Barnabas and Saul, leading to the dramatic confrontation with Elymas and the subsequent conversion of Sergius Paulus, a Roman proconsul.

This episode challenges us to open our eyes to the global harvest fields, strengthen our grip on biblical truth, and develop courageous hearts that expose the father of lies while worshipping the Father of truth. Join us as we uncover the timeless lessons from this powerful narrative and learn how to apply them to our lives and ministries today.

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