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The Message

Upholding the Truth in Modern Times

06/19/2024 Stephen Davey

In this episode, we dive into the contemporary challenge facing the church today: the call to replace traditional preaching with more modern, less confrontational methods. Despite the growing trend of "McChurch" services, where fast-paced, light-hearted, and non-confrontational elements are prioritized, we reaffirm the timeless importance of preaching God's Word.

We'll explore how scripture mandates the preaching of doctrine and truth, referencing key biblical passages where Jesus, Paul, and other apostles emphasized the necessity of preaching. We discuss the cultural shift away from preaching and its implications, drawing from 2 Timothy 4:2-4, where Paul warns Timothy to remain steadfast in his preaching role despite the inevitable turn of people towards myths and ear-tickling teachings.

Join us as we journey through the book of Acts, particularly Acts 13, where we witness the first missionary journey of Paul and Barnabas. We unpack Paul's powerful sermon in Pisidian Antioch, highlighting the two key aspects of his message: the history of Israel and the proclamation of Jesus as the promised Savior. We also reflect on the significance of forgiveness and freedom in Christ, as presented by Paul, and the immediate impact of his preaching on both the Gentile believers and the opposing Jews.

This episode challenges us to hold firm to the biblical model of preaching, ensuring that the transformative power of God's Word continues to be proclaimed with boldness and conviction. We emphasize the need for the church to uphold and honor preaching as a vital method for spiritual growth and truth dissemination.

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