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The Drama of Change

Embracing the Unexpected Script

06/11/2024 Stephen Davey

On stage, the hope of everyone is that everything goes as planned. In life, you are never really sure what God has planned for you until it happens. On stage, you stay in character – whether it is happy, congenial, or sad. In life, you are required to change your character – and you never really master any one expression. On stage, you hope you never need the help of the prompter sitting off stage, who whispers what you are supposed to say or do. In the Christian life, the prompter does not hide in the shadows and whisper, but rather, He, the Holy Spirit, directs prominently. In fact, in life, every actor is to depend on the prompter – to look for Him; to wait for His cue. A play is predictable for those involved; you are supposed to stick to the script. In life, everything is unpredictable; the scripts are written only after you have lived through the scene. And then, suddenly the scene changes; you have never seen one quite like it before, so you look for the prompter or better yet, you keep your eye on the Director.

The subtitle to the play of life could be called The Drama of Change. Paul wrote in II Corinthians 5:17: if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things are passed [continually passing] away; behold, new things have [constantly] come. In other words, the Christian’s middle name is Change.

Nowhere is such a dramatic change about to occur than in Acts, chapter 10. We arrive at this chapter in our study, and we are about to discover a great drama unfolding before our very eyes. It is the drama of change that will eventually build a bridge between the Jewish and the Gentile nations. It was dramatic to see news clippings of the Berlin wall toppling down – a wall that had stood for thirty years. In Acts, chapter 10, we will see the crumbling of a wall between two people groups that had lasted for thousands of years. Chapter 10 must be observed as an entire unit, so we will actually read the entire chapter today. The drama that unfolds in this chapter can be divided into four scenes. I will interrupt periodically to provide some insight or commentary. Join us as we witness the transformative power of the Gospel and the unfolding of God's grand design for His church.

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