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The Antioch Example

Shining Light in Sin City

06/13/2024 Stephen Davey

Join me on a journey to the golden city of the Roman Empire—Antioch. Known as the queen city of the east, Antioch's main street, paved with marble and lined with marble columns, was a sight to behold. Despite its beauty, Antioch rivaled Corinth in its sinfulness with chariot racing, gambling, and rampant immorality. This city never slept and seemed an unlikely place for an evangelistic crusade.

Yet, as we explore Acts 11, we discover an incredible example of God's grace and the power of the gospel. The church in Antioch, born amidst this sin city, becomes a beacon of light and an example of godly living. In this episode, we will uncover the transformative story of how ordinary men from Cyprus and Cyrene, burdened for the lost, brought the message of Jesus to the Greeks in Antioch. Despite their unconventional methods, the results were undeniable—Antioch was never the same.

We will also delve into the role of Barnabas, the encourager, who was sent from Jerusalem to verify this revival. Upon witnessing the grace of God, he rejoiced and sought out Saul (Paul) to help shepherd this growing church. Together, they taught and discipled new believers, with the disciples first being called Christians in Antioch.

This episode will challenge you to consider how you are living up to the name of Christian and inspire you to embrace new opportunities for ministry, just as the church in Antioch did. Let's learn from their example and strive to walk worthy of our name, making a lasting impact for the glory of God.

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