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Oh Be Careful Little Eyes Part 1

How Biblical Wisdom Provides the Path to Purity and Wholeness

04/22/2024 Stephen Davey

Our modern culture bombards us with messages that distort God's design for sexuality. This can leave us feeling confused, trapped, and even ashamed. But the Bible offers a clear path to freedom. This episode explores the biblical teaching on sexual morality in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. Discover the physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences of sexual sin, and importantly, the hope and transformation found in God’s grace. Learn practical steps to resist temptation, pursue purity, and experience true freedom.

Key Points Covered:

  • The Culture Clash: Why purity seems like an outdated concept and the harmful impact of society's message on our hearts.
  • The Consequences of Sin: Understanding the real-world risks of sexual immorality, from disease to broken relationships.
  • The Path to Purity: How the Bible provides a roadmap to overcoming temptation and living a life honoring to God.
  • Grace and Forgiveness: The transformative power of God's love and His ability to heal and restore.

If you're struggling with sexual sin, longing for a life of purity, or simply seeking to understand God's plan for your sexuality, this episode is for you. Discover how to combat the cultural chaos with biblical clarity and find the freedom you desire.

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