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Glory to God . . . Alone!

Power, Politics, and Divine Sovereignty

06/17/2024 Stephen Davey

In this episode, we journey back to the first century to explore the rise and fall of the most powerful and infamous family of that era—the Herods. Known for their ruthlessness and political maneuvering, the Herods were at the height of their power during the birth of Christianity. From Herod the Great, who reigned during the birth of Jesus, to his descendants who continued his legacy of tyranny and opposition to God's plan, we delve into their historical impact and ultimate downfall.

We'll examine the intriguing history of Herod the Great, his sons, and grandsons, who played significant roles in the New Testament narrative, including the execution of James and the imprisonment of Peter. As we delve into Acts 12, we'll see how God's sovereignty triumphs over political power and human evil. Herod Agrippa I, the persecutor of the church, meets a dramatic and divine end, illustrating the timeless truth that God's purposes cannot be thwarted by human schemes.

Join us as we uncover the lessons from this historical account, reflecting on the unstoppable spread of God's Word and the ultimate futility of opposing His divine will. This episode is a powerful reminder that no matter how mighty the earthly rulers may seem, the King of Heaven reigns supreme.

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