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About This Series:

There is no doubt why King David was the greatest hymn writer of all time. While his songs are inspired by God, they are also deeply personal, introspective, honest, and profoundly humble. In this series, Stephen takes us on a riveting behind-the-scenes look at some of David’s most beloved compositions, and he reminds us that some of our brightest songs are borne out of the darkest places.

Lesson 1: Introducing the Creator-Shepherd

God gave us quite of a number of wonderful analogies in scripture to describe our relationship to Him, but none are as poignant as the relationship between a shepherd and a lamb. Join Stephen in this study of Psalm 23 to learn why.

Lesson 2: Ruts of Righteousness

When quoting the third and fourth verses of Psalm 23, we often miss the deeper meaning inherent in the text. What we usually translate as “the way of righteousness” is actually better translated, “the ruts of righteousness.” Join Stephen now as he explains the many implications that truth has for us today.

Lesson 3: Nasal Flies and Sheep Dogs

Why is it that the things we run from – pain, discomfort, friction, etc. – are often the best things for us? In this deeply practical look at Psalm 23:5-6, Stephen show us again why we are just like sheep.

Lesson 4: The Footprints of God

God has been here. He has walked where we walk. He has stood on the same ground that you and I stand on. How do we know? The proof is all around us.

Lesson 5: God's Inspired Little Book

Perfect. Sure. Right. Pure. True. Do these words describe any other book in the entire world?

Lesson 6: Taste and Treasure

If King David’s honest, humble cry at the end of Psalm 19 isn’t the cry of our hearts every day, we will waste our lives.

Lesson 7: Forbidden Questions

Habakkuk cried out deep, disheartening questions to God, as did David, Job, and even Moses. But the most difficult questions came from the lips of Israel’s head worship leader, Asaph. Not surprisingly, his cry – as well as God’s reply – resonates like no other.

Lesson 8: The Turning Point

Where is your sanctuary today? Where do you turn when you feel discouraged, afraid, or confused? The computer? Food? Friends? Hobbies? In today’s riveting look at Asaph’s spiritual revival, Stephen reminds us that our only true sanctuary is Christ.

Lesson 9: The End of One Story

The beginning of Psalm 73 marked Asaph’s darkest hour. The ending of the Psalm 73 marks his finest.

Lesson 10: Rejoicing in the Omniscience of God

The thought that God knows everything about us is often a disconcerting thought. But it is a thought we should rejoice in every day. David’s unforgettable lyrics in Psalm 139 provide the reason for our rejoicing.

Lesson 11: Reveling in the Omnipresence & Omnipotence of God

Isn’t it an amazing thought that God can’t lose you? No matter where you are in the world – whether lost in a crowd of tourists or alone on some secluded mountain – God is already there. Stephen takes us further in his study of Psalm 139 to show us why that is cause for rejoicing.

Lesson 12: Designer Made

Before sonograms, ultrasounds, 3D imaging, and years of scientific research, King David gives us an unparalleled glimpse into humanity’s true womb.

Lesson 13: Inviting God's Searchlight

There are two kinds of prayers that will have dramatic effects on your walk of faith. The first is “God, make whatever You will of me.” The second is, “God, take whatever you will out of me.” Neither prayer comes easy.

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