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About This Series:

A time of unparalleled human suffering, demonic boldness, cosmic disturbance, Jewish awakening, gospel preaching and global crises the world has ever witnessed could be just around the corner. In this 8-part series, Stephen teaches through Revelation 6 & 7, unraveling the mystery of the Tribulation period – a unique seven year period – where the earth and the human race will stagger under the weight of God’s wrath. Will the church be present during these days of wrath? Are we close to the sound of these horsemen today? What should the Christian do in light of this coming terror? Is the world stage set for the coming of these horsemen? All this and more as these chapters in Revelation are carefully examined and the truth boldly proclaimed.

1 - A Crash Course on the Coming Tribulation

Questions abound regarding the future event theologians have called, "The Tribulation." Questions such as, "Will it last for 3 and 1/2 years or 7 years? Is it figurative or literal? Will Christians suffer through it?" In this message Stephen surveys the diverse responses to these questions and brings us what he believes is the most Biblically consistent and logical answer.

2 - Reading Tomorrow's Headlines Today

If you were to lie down in bed tonight and God were to give you the same vision He gave John in Revelation 6, I guarantee you that you wouldn't look at your life the same way again. You wouldn't see the world in the same light. You wouldn't waste so much time in trivial pursuits. But the truth is God has given us this vision through Scripture. Will you let it change your life today?

3 - The Disappearance of Peace

The world is constantly at war. Men talk about peace but never truly achieve it. Still, amid the endless economic crises, wars, acts of God and nature, and mankind's cruelty to its own, fragments of peace remain. People still eat together and pray together and live together in harmony most of the time. But in Revelation 6:3-4, John tells us of a day when even that peace will be taken away. War is coming . . . and it will be like nothing we've ever seen before.

4 - Death Came Riding

Revelation 6:5-8 is a haunting scene, and John must have watched in horror when God brought him to this point in the vision. Death emerged from the water on a grotesque horse and galloped toward earth with demonic speed. What is the outcome? Find out now as Stephen continues this series.

5 - The Marvel of a Martyr's Prayer

The pages of history are stained with the blood of Christian martyrs. Even today, all across the world, people are dying for their faith in Christ. Why isn’t God stopping it? Does He not care that His children are suffering? Revelation 6:9 gives us a powerful reminder that not only does God hear the prayers of the martyrs, but He has something special in store for each of them.

6 - When the Sky Began to Fall

There are two instances in Scripture where mankind attempts to hide from God. The first is at the beginning of time when Adam and Eve sinned against the Lord, and the second is at the end of time when God comes back to judge the world. The thunder of God's footsteps echo upon the earth, and those who remain are faced with a terrible realization: you can't hide from Omniscience.

7 - 144,000

Who are the 144,000 men and women we find in Revelation 7:1-8? Is the number significant? Stephen gives us insight into this mystery as he continues his study of John's Revelation.

8 - It Will Be Worth It All!

The Tribulation is known for being a time of great fear and destruction. Men and women will be forced to receive the mark of the beast, and anyone who refuses will be killed. But out of that tribulation the Gospel will spread and people will accept the mark of the cross instead. In the future, as in the past, the blood of the martyrs will still be the seed of the Church.


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