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The Need is Great

Wisdom International is now reaching over 18,000 prison inmates who are watching portions of The Wisdom Journey on tablets. Our content is now on tablets in 417 facilities! God is changing lives! Incarcerated men and women are experiencing renewed hope in some of the darkest places of society, as they hear the message that God loves them and is always with them. And lives are being transformed as prison inmates become new creations in Christ!

Because regular financial giving drops off in the summer, your partnership is as vital as ever.

Your special summer gift will enable us to cover the shortfall in summer giving and expand our prison ministry by launching Spanish content on those prison tablets.

Hear how God will use your gift:

My name is Chris, and I’m currently in prison in Corcoran, CA. It’s a long story of how I ended up in here, and the kind of person I was. Before I found The Wisdom Journey, I felt lost. Now, your teaching gives me a reason to get up each day. I'm learning about a God who loves me, and I’m thankful for the small changes I see happening in my life.

Chris C.

I’ve been viewing your videos on my prison tablet. Your lessons are showing me a different path. I’ve gotten a better understanding of Jesus’ life, from His birth to His sacrifice on the cross for our sins. Through your videos, my knowledge, faith, and hunger to be closer to Jesus has increased. I’m writing from the Hamilton Indiana County Jail. Please send more content soon.


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