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Our passion is to faithfully and accurately teach God’s Word and to help equip followers of Jesus Christ.

It's through the Scriptures that people come to know God, think biblically and live wisely.

Please partner with us. When you do, you're helping Wisdom International reach even more people with the truth of God’s Word. 

All of our funding comes from partners like you who want to help enable and expand our Bible teaching ministry. 

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Each gift we receive goes directly into our ministry as we develop and distribute Bible teaching around the world. 

In Appreciation...

To show our appreciation, we'll begin sending you our exclusive partner-only resource. We publish Heart to Heart Magazine each month. It's a resource we've developed to thank our ministry partners.

Each issue features topical articles, a daily devotional, and a Wisdom Journal to help you remember God’s truth and apply it every day in your life. Stephen explores issues such as:

  • How should Christians engage in the political process?
  • If God is sovereign, why does evil exist in the world?
  • What can we know about angels and demons, and how do we relate to them?
  • Did God really create the universe in 6 days?
  • How can we find happiness, and should that be my goal?

When you become a Wisdom Partner, you'll receive Heart to Heart Magazine as our free gift to you. 

Help us do even more!

The Wisdom Journey, our new three-year teaching series through the Bible, provides a strategic opportunity for global impact.

The world has over 7000 languages. However, 65% of the global population speak the top 45 languages. Also, 99% of the world’s population can understand one of the top 45 languages.

Our goal is for The Wisdom Journey to be translated, recorded, and made available in the 45 most spoken languages of the world. That would provide 99% of the world’s population with a teaching series through the Bible in a language they can understand. 

Your gift helps us expand our global outreach. 

Other Partnership Levels:

Wisdom Builders / $100+ per month
In appreciation, we send you our exclusive partner-only resource - Heart to Heart Magazine, and a free copy of each new book our ministry produces.

Wisdom Sustainers / $500+ per month
In appreciation, we send you our exclusive partner-only resource - Heart to Heart Magazine, a free copy of each new book our ministry produces, and complimentary registration to the annual Shepherds 360 Conference, including a Wisdom Sustainer Lunch with Stephen and the Wisdom Team.