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Wisdom for the Heart is a daily, 30-minute broadcast from the Bible Teaching ministry of Stephen Davey. 

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Happily Forever After


12/23/2022 Stephen Davey

Everyone loves a good fairy tale, especially the ones with happy endings. As believers, we are part of a real-life tale, with a great Rescue, a real Prince, and true Love. In Matthew’s gospel, the lineage of Jesus includes Boaz and Ruth, a literal love story that depicts and prefigures the redemption that Jesus Christ made more than 1000 years later for all those who believe in Him. It’s a story of amazing grace that brings a new joy to the Christmas season. It’s a story that begins before time and ends—for every Christian—happily forever after.

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Wisdom for the Heart is a daily radio broadcast / podcast based on the preaching ministry of Stephen Davey. Stephen pastors The Shepherd's Church in Cary, North Carolina. The broadcast is heard each weekday across the United States. Our messages are also being translated into seven additional languages for distribution around the world. 

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