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Wearing Different Hats of Helpfulness (Romans 15:14-16)

Embracing the Roles of Encourager, Professor, Preacher, and Minister

06/10/2024 Stephen Davey

In this episode, we dive back into Romans 15 where the Apostle Paul delivers heartfelt compliments to the believers in Rome, despite never having met them. Paul’s message is more than just praise; it's a demonstration of the roles we should embrace within the body of Christ. Join Stephen Davey as he explores how Paul exemplifies wearing different "hats" of helpfulness in his ministry—roles that we, too, can adopt to strengthen and support one another in our faith journeys.

Paul dons the hat of an encourager, recognizing the goodness, knowledge, and instructive abilities of the Roman believers. This is followed by his role as a professor, reminding them of important truths they may already know but need to revisit. He then becomes a preacher, emphasizing the grace given to him to minister to the Gentiles, and finally, Paul takes on the hat of a minister, serving with self-sacrificial love and dedication, much like the medical pioneer Dr. Evan Kane, who demonstrated his commitment by performing surgery on himself to prove a point and save lives.

Through these various roles, Paul models the essence of a servant-leader, showing us that making a difference in the world involves more than just knowledge or position; it requires a heart willing to serve and sacrifice for others. Tune in to discover how you can apply these principles in your own life, wearing different hats of helpfulness for the glory of God and the benefit of those around you.

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