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(Daniel 2) Dreaming of the Future

Daniel 2

03/28/2023 Stephen Davey

As you think about human history, or as you think about the future - always keep in mind that God has a plan for all of it. Daniel chapter 2 gives a... read more

(Daniel 1) Resolved!

Daniel 1

03/27/2023 Stephen Davey

God honors those who honor Him. To experience that, you need to be resolved to act in faith on this truth because the pressure to compromise, take... read more

(Ezekiel 40-48) Millennial Blessings

Ezekiel 40-48

03/24/2023 Stephen Davey

God rightly condemns sin and consistently warns of its consequences. And so should we. God also offers hope, again and again—the assurance of... read more

(Ezekiel 38-39) Divine Intervention

Ezekiel 38-39

03/23/2023 Stephen Davey

For God’s people, present sufferings are only that—present. They may test our faith now, but they do not in any way call into doubt the promises... read more

(Ezekiel 36-37) A Change for the Better

Ezekiel 36-37

03/22/2023 Stephen Davey

Israel’s persistent rebellion against God brought great harm on the nation, but it did not derail God’s ultimate plan for them. In accordance... read more

(Ezekiel 33-35) The Watchman's Warnings ... and Promises

Ezekiel 33-35

03/21/2023 Stephen Davey

No matter how good they might be, human leaders and governments will eventually fail us. While they are to be respected and honored, our faith must... read more

(Ezekiel 25-32) Headlines Announce the Downfall of Nations

Ezekiel 25-32

03/20/2023 Stephen Davey

It is evil to rejoice in the downfall of another, and it is foolish to think it can never happen to us. Let us praise God for His righteous justice... read more

(Ezekiel 22-24) Bad News and More Bad News

Ezekiel 22-24

03/17/2023 Stephen Davey

Being faithful to God means being faithful to declare an unpopular message. Have you expereinced that? Have you been rejected for speaking the truth?... read more

(Ezekiel 18-21) Playing the Blame Game

Ezekiel 18-21

03/16/2023 Stephen Davey

As much as you might wish otherwise, you cannot escape responsibility for your sins. Denials and blame-shifting do no good because God knows your... read more

(Ezekiel 15-17) Powerful Parables

Ezekiel 15-17

03/15/2023 Stephen Davey

Have you ever done something wrong and gotten away with it? MNore to the point, have you ever done something wrong and thought you got away with it... read more

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