What is The Crew?

The Crew is your opportunity to go further in The Wisdom Journey by investing in a personal, life-changing journey through all 66 books of the Bible.

  • The Crew is for parents looking for a biblically faithful study for their family to gain a comprehensive overview of Scripture.
  • The Crew is for adults who want to better understand God's Word and the storyline of Scripture.
  • The Crew is for teachers or Bible study leaders who want to use The Wisdom Journey in class.

When you finish your Wisdom Journey, you will have studied all 66 books of the Bible. This journey through God’s word will not only make you a better student of the Word, but capable of walking through life with greater wisdom.

With your monthly subscription or $10, you become a member of The Crew and receive the following benefits:

 A study guide that includes the complete manuscript and application questions, delivered to your email inbox!

 A three-year Bible reading plan that corresponds to the Wisdom Journey broadcast.

 A custom Wisdom Journey binder to hold your printed study guides if you choose to print them from your home office! (One binder, sent upon request.)

 A beautiful certificate of accomplishment upon completing The Wisdom Journey!

Your membership in The Crew enables us to produce video and print resources in multiple languages for students who take The Wisdom Journey – worldwide!

Picture of a woman with a Bible and a study guide, watching an episode of The Wisdom Journey.

Join The Crew today!

Before you proceed, are you one of our monthly partners? Membership in The Crew is free for all of our Wisdom Partners, Wisdom Builders, and Wisdom Sustainers. If you are already one of our monthly partners, CLICK HERE to add The Crew membership to your account.


The Wisdom Journey begins on January 3.
You can join anytime, but you will begin receiving The Crew resources in January.