Genesis CD Sets

Stephen's exposition through the book of Genesis is available in CD sets. Select the specific series you want using the options below. If you already know the series you want, jump to the bottom by clicking here.  NOTE: The price will be calculated when you select the series you want to purchase. 

Series graphic for Genesis Volume OneGenesis Volume 1: Origins

This series will take you from God's creation of man in the garden all the way to God's destruction of man by a flood, so join Stephen in this study of Genesis to discover what happened "in the beginning."

9 Lessons / Genesis 1–11

Series graphic for Genesis Volume TwoGenesis Volume 2: The Patriarchs

What would you do if God came calling? Imagine the faith it took Abraham to leave his homeland and follow God's calling. This fascinating journey through the lives of the Patriarchs will show us the difficult trials God took them throw in order to teach them how to trust Him.

12 Lessons / Genesis 12–36

Series graphic for Genesis Volume ThreeGenesis Volume 3: God Meant it for Good

A teenage dreamer's life is shattered when his jealous brothers throw him into a pit and then sell him into slavery. But through Joseph's difficult life we discover the truth that trials are really a gift in disguise. Joseph learns to live by one phrase — God meant it for good.

9 Lessons / Genesis 37–50

Genesis 1–50




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