Wisdom Retreat Devotional Guides

These devotional guides will help you dive deep into God's Word with practical insight that you can apply each day. You'll be encouraged and challenged and you seek to put God's Word into practice. 

We have 6 devotional guides for you to choose from. Select the specific book(s) you want using the options at the bottom of this page. If you already know the book you want, jump to the bottom by clicking here. NOTE: The price will be calculated when you select the series you want to purchase.

Picture of the 30-day winter wisdom retreat bookA 30-Day Winter Wisdom Retreat

Life is fast and time can’t be bottled, canned, or stored away. Each moment counts. In this Wisdom Retreat, Stephen encourages you to make sure you spend some of your precious moments reflecting on God’s Word. A Wisdom Retreat: 30 Days of Spiritual Reflection not only provides truth for today but wisdom that lasts forever.


Picture of the 30-day spring wisdom retreat bookA 31-Day Spring Wisdom Retreat

Jesus Christ is the beginning and end of all Scripture, but nowhere is that more emphatically seen than in John’s inspired journal. In just the opening lines, John announces that Christ is God incarnate and the Creator of all things. In his final lines, he announces that all the books in the world couldn’t contain the marvelous things Jesus said and did! Take this 31-day journey with me through John’s personal, eye-witness account and stand amazed once again at the greatness of our Savior.


Picture of the 90-day summer wisdom retreat bookA 90-Day Summer Wisdom Retreat

Are you thirsty? If so, some refreshing water is here. Not in another how-to book, but in the ever-flowing, ever-living fountain of God's Word. In this 90-day devotional, Stephen will take you to streams of conviction, encouragement, hope, and challenge that only flow from the pages of Scripture. These waters of refreshment are prayerfully offered to refresh the despondent, restore the delinquent, and encourage every disciple who desires to know God more deeply.


Picture of the 30-day fall wisdom retreat bookA 30-Day Fall Wisdom Retreat

In this 30-day devotional, Stephen invites you to reflect on simple, yet profound truths from Scripture that will impact your everyday life. Sometimes encouraging, sometimes convicting, but altogether edifying, this book will be a great aid to you as you seek to grow closer to Christ.


Picture of the 31-day wisdom retreat in ActsA 31-Day Wisdom Retreat in Acts

The Church is a newborn baby. She needs guidance. She needs to learn how to walk and talk and stand firm in the midst of a Godless society. So God, in His wisdom, raises up men who not only seem like the most unlikely apostles but the most unlikely saints. A fisherman? A zealot? A persecutor of the Church? These were the Church’s first movers and shakers, and the Church hasn’t changed much today. Take this 31-day journey with us through the book of Acts and discover anew what Paul meant when he said that God uses the weak things of the world to shame the wise.

Acts 1–28 / $7.00

Picture of the 31-day wisdom retreat in JamesA 31-Day Wisdom Retreat in James

Take a 31-day journey with me through the letter from James, the apostle and half-brother of our Lord. James writes with amazing humility, clarity and, sometimes, brutal honesty; he doesn’t pull many punches. From one of the most practical epistles in the New Testament, we’ve highlighted texts for you to learn from, pray over, and apply to your daily life. I’m trusting that this journey through James will draw you closer to the heart and character of Jesus Christ.

James 1–5 / $7.00




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