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  • Beside Still Waters (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Psalms 23:1 - 6
    We live in an era of amazing medical and technological advancements. But even in our sophisticated world we haven't grown wiser or closer to God. So this series  takes us verse-by-verse through David's wonderful message in Psalm 23 to remind us of the simplicity of devotion to the Savior More Details

    Price: $9.00

  • Proverbs: The Quest for Hidden Treasure (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Proverbs
    Wisdom is that precious gem that nearly everyone desires, but few ever seek. Join Stephen in this series as he tells us how and where to look for it More Details

    Price: $37.00

  • Finding Meaning Under the Sun (CD Set) (FMUTS00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Ecclesiastes 1:1 - 3:22
    To this day, King Solomon is touted as the wisest man to ever live. Although he asked God for the wisdom he was given, he quickly turned away from following God, and his life became self-centered and destructive. Only in his last days did he remember the Truth and return to the Wisdom-giver. With urgency, Solomon tells us to learn from his mistakes More Details

    Price: $43.00

  • Daniel: The First Wise Man (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Daniel 1
    Abducted from his home, forced into strange and pagan environments, required to answer to a new name and respond in a new language, Daniel had every reason to doubt God.  Instead, Daniel rose to the highest levels of political leadership without ever abandoning his faith.  He will leave a lasting legacy, providing clear evidence that a More Details

    Price: $27.00

  • Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Jonah 1 - 4
    When you think of Jonah, more than likely you also think of a big fish! Well the book of Jonah is much more than a fish story. It's an amazing account of God delivering grace to a people who deserved nothing but judgment as well as an account of a prophet delivering a message he needed for himself. Join Stephen in this study as he reveals More Details

    Price: $31.50

  • Overcoming The Me Attitudes (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Matthew 5:1 - 12
    According to Christ's own words, happiness is not found by getting your own way, but by giving yourself away. It's not attained by gaining the world, but by learning how to give it up. Taken from our Lord's Sermon on the Mount, this series of messages will challenge you to replace your Me Attitudes with Beatitudes More Details

    Price: $22.50

  • Mark - Both Volumes (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Mark
    Mark provides a unique look into Christ's life and ministry since he is most likely writing as the companion to the Apostle Peter. So make sure to take this study home with you and discover what Peter had to say about the Savior he followed, denied, and then followed again . . . all the to his grave. Save 20% when you order Volume 1 and 2 together More Details

    Price: $83.00

    Sale Price: $66.40