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  • Marvel at the Mystery Children's Books

    One phrase that appears 26 times in the Gospel accounts is the phrase, "and they marveled," and this imaginative, poetic journey through the Life of Christ will help you to slow down, ponder the story afresh, and look at the Gospel through childlike eyes of wonder. Marvel at the Mystery is not just a children's book, by the way. With an More Details

    Price: $15.00

  • The Big Cat Spat (a fable) Children's Books

    In this witty and wisdom-filled fable, a raucous romp ensues between a lion and tiger who meet for the first time and fight over their differences. When the dust settles, a pointed moral emerges that will hit home with children and adults alike. To see more books by J.S. Davey (The Lion's Pride, The Fox Hole, A Cheesy Book, Black Jack, etc.) you More Details

    Price: $15.00

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