What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication;” it’s a popular way for websites to distribute (syndicate) their content. If you have an RSS reader, subscribe to one of our RSS feeds and you’ll receive the newest Wisdom content automatically. It’s this simple: you subscribe to an RSS feed, we publish content on the website, and you get the content immediately and automatically.

How Do I Subscribe to an RSS Feed?

Get a Feed Reader

An RSS feed reader is a program or a website that can receive and allow you to read an RSS feed. Most email programs and Web browsers have the ability to read RSS feeds, but the most popular way to view RSS feeds is with a feed reader. RSS feed readers are available for all computer platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). You can also use Web-based readers that can be accessed from any computer and work with any operating system. Click on one of the options below to find a reader that meets your preferences:

Get a Feed

Once you’ve set up your RSS feed reader, you’ll need the URL for the feed you want to subscribe to. Your feed reader will provide simple instructions for subscribing to an RSS feed. You can usually paste the URL into a subscription box for most readers, and some Web-based readers provide you with a click-to-subscribe button in your browser.