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  • The Healer of Broken Hearts (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    How do you handle suffering? Do you try to deal with it yourself only to ultimately crumble under the stress and sorrow? Suffering serves a glorious purpose. God uses it to refine us, grow us, and make us more like Him. Thankfully, we don’t have to face trials alone. We can rest in the God of all grace, relying on Him for strength and comfort More Details

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  • The Curriculum of Creation (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    If we took the time to really see, hear, taste, smell, and touch our surroundings, we would stand in complete awe of the Creator. Creation reveals who God is. Creation is vast, intricate, complex, and alive. All of it is under the sovereignty of God. When we see creation for what it is, it should cause us to run to God. Creation shows us His More Details

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  • People of the Word (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    We could argue about the value of hobbies, television, movies, sports, and the newspaper, and never get anywhere! But have you ever really considered the time demand these things place on you? Have you evaluated the influence those things exert on you? Stephen’s concern is that the average Christian knows more about the world than about the More Details

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  • Understanding Revelation (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    As you seek to understand the book of Revelation, you’ll encounter signs and bowls and trumpets and resurrections and judgments and wars and visions. These things may seem confusing. But at its core, the book of Revelation is about Jesus. It has as its grandest theme the person Jesus. It uncovers as its greatest treasure the supremacy of More Details

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  • The Last Words of Jesus (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    Often, the last words someone speaks are signifiant, and that was certainly true of the last words Jesus spoke to His disciples. Just before ascending back heaven, Jesus told His followers that they were His witnesses. That's also true of you. You are not a computer technician, salesman, executive, painter, mother or teacher. That might describe More Details

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  • The Goal of Godly Parents (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    Today, as it was in the Garden of Eden, the enemy chips away at God’s truth through patient erosion—he tweaks and adapts it until what is believed is no truth at all. Therefore, it’s not surprising that our current culture embraces so many lies. As parents, our goal is that our children choose to walk in truth, and this lesson More Details

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