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  • Holy Obsession (Book) (HOB00) Books & Booklets

    "You are God's sword, His instrument -- a chosen vessel unto Him to bear His name. It is not great talent that God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus Christ. A holy Christian is an awesome weapon in the hand of God More Details

    Price: $10.00

  • JOB - All Three Volumes (Booklets) (JOB00) Books & Booklets

    In 39 seconds Job's entire world was turned upside down. He went from a wealthy land-owner to a penniless beggar and was left to pick up the pieces of his life, his love, and his faith. Witness how God brings him through this dramatic time as Stephen brings us this 3-part study on Job's unforgettable story.  More Details

    Price: $24.00

    Sale Price: $19.20

  • Fatherhood: (Booklet) (FH00) Books & Booklets

    This booklet is a primer for dads to help craft them into family shepherds. We'll begin by pulling out a map, finding out exactly where we are, where we need to be, and which road will take us in the right direction. In the process, we'll take a hard look at the road signs that were ignored by a father named Eli. So buckle up for a fast and bumpy More Details

    Price: $4.00

  • Observations from an Anthill (Booklet) (OFAA001) Books & Booklets

    One single ant colony can include over five million busy ants: soldier ants to defend the colony; worker ants to clean the mound and gather food; weaver ants to make silken tents. Solomon writes that they do it all without a chief to make them show up for work or a ruler to keep them in line. Perhaps we need to make some timeless observations about More Details

    Price: $4.00

  • In Pursuit of Prodigals (Book) (IPOP00) Books & Booklets

    For nineteen hundred years the Church obeyed God by disciplining unrepentant prodigals and restoring them when they repented. Over the past half-century, however, the Church has become apathetic to discipline. So in this this brief primer Stephen appeals to us to return to this biblical distinctive and encourage those who are struggling More Details

    Price: $10.00

  • The Chronicles of Christmas (Booklet) (CC00) Books & Booklets

    With magical pen in hand, C.S. Lewis crafted a beautiful tale filled with mystical places, talking animals, and fierce battles in a land called Narnia. Lewis wrote, "The whole story of Narnia is the story about Christ. I asked myself: supposing that there really was a world like Narnia and supposing it had (like our world) gone wrong, and supposing More Details

    Price: $6.00

  • Abraham and Islam (Booklet) (ABIS00) Books & Booklets

    Both Christianity and Islam revere and honor the same Old Testament patriarch.  Both world religions look to him as the "father of the faithful."  His name is Abraham, and his influence is felt by literally millions of people around the world.  But what exactly does the Bible say about Abraham?  Is it different from what Islam More Details

    Price: $4.00