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  • The Coming Tribulation (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    Scripture References

    • Revelation 6
    Questions abound regarding the future event theologians have called, “The Tribulation.” Questions such as, “Will it last for 3 and 1/2 years or 7 years? Is it figurative or literal? Will Christians suffer through it?” In this booklet Stephen surveys the diverse responses to these questions and brings us what he believes is More Details

    Price: $4.00

  • Portraits Of Mom (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    What kind of legacy are you leaving your children? Are you succeeding as a mother? Join Stephen in this sutdy and learn to answer those questions from God's perspective as you gaze into portraits of women in Scripture who God called successful. Unlike the world, their legacy was not measured by fame or fortune; it was measured by their More Details

    Price: $6.00

  • Bodies of Evidence (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    The deity of Jesus Christ should have been settled when He rose from the grave. But did you know He wasn't the only one who rose from the dead that Sunday morning? Examine the evidence for yourself as Stephen takes you back in time and reveals what many have overlooked. Get ready to come in contact with many more bodies of evidence More Details

    Price: $6.00

  • Acts of God (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    Is God powerful enough to control nature? If so, then where is He when tragedy strikes? In the midst of disaster, these questions resound in the hearts and minds of those who are suffering. Join Stephen Davey in the quest for answers to life's difficult questions and discover that the search for strength and security eventually leads all More Details

    Price: $4.00

  • Trees...and the Christmas Story (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    Were evergreen trees a symbol of pagan worship? Did the Romans really decorate their temples with holly, ivy and mistletoe? Should sincere Christians have a Christmas tree in their living room? In this special holiday booklet, Stephen will trace the extraordinary relationship between trees...and the Christmas story More Details

    Price: $4.00

  • The Enoch Example: A Father's Legacy (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    Everyone has a legacy. What will yours be? Will your children say you walked with God or ran from Him? Will your grandchildren receive an inheritance of earthly riches or heavenly ones? In this booklet Stephen investigates the life and legacy of Enoch. Learn how walking with God now can impact your family for generations in The Enoch Example: More Details

    Price: $6.00

  • How to Make or Break a Friendship (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    King David had two friends: a father and a son with drastically different perspectives. One gave David the clothes off his own back while the other hurled spears at David's back. In this booklet Stephen examines the contrasting portraits of friendship exhibited by Saul and Jonathan to show us what real friendship looks like More Details

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