Resources : Full Length Individual Sermons
  • The Wonder of You (CD) (ILC08) Full Length Individual Sermons

    Evolutionists believe that humans are the result of an accident…billions of years of randomness resulting in the fascinating intelligence of the human body. From the human eye (which confounded Darwin himself) to minute cellular structures, we see the workings of our Creator God through every intricate detail of our body. This More Details

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  • The Creation of a Goldilocks World (CD) (ILC09) Full Length Individual Sermons

    As David wrote in Psalm 33, when we consider the heavens and earth, it should lead to the reverence of our awesome God. He created the planets, stars, the sun, and every galaxy, each with a specific purpose. In this tour of the heavens, Pastor Davey illuminates the meticulous and miraculous scientific details of the earth and More Details

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  • Wired for Awe (CD) (ILC10) Full Length Individual Sermons

    Human beings are wired for awe. In fact, recent brain studies have shown that when humans are in awe of something, they lose sight of themselves. As believers, observing all that God has created in and around us, we stop and stand in amazement—forgetting ourselves and focusing solely on Him. That’s how He made us! Here, Pastor More Details

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  • Aliens and a Global Flood (CD) (ILC11) Full Length Individual Sermons

    We know from Scripture that God created the heavens and the earth about 8000 years ago—not billions. And, He created mankind to live on the earth and no other planet. In addition to the prevalence of evolutionary teaching, much of our culture is obsessed with aliens and the potential of life on other planets. In this More Details

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  • A Volcano that Changes Everything (CD) (ILC12) Full Length Individual Sermons

    The geological community, primarily driven by evolution, continues to make amazing observations and discoveries, but never connects the dots between the evidence and its substantiation of the Biblical creation account (a global flood on a young earth). Pastor Davey uncovers some amazing geological facts that will have you whole- More Details

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  • The Day You Finally Become Perfect (CD) (ILC13) Full Length Individual Sermons

    In our culture today, there is a constant striving to stay young looking, despite the natural aging process. But all those efforts inevitably fail. The human body, because of sin, is subject to pain, suffering, and disability. And our minds are equally as fragile. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we are promised a glorified body in More Details

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  • Living the Dream (CD) (ILC14) Full Length Individual Sermons

    “And they lived happily ever after.” This is a typical fairytale  ending. However, it’s the anticipated truth for every believer. The world around us, as beautiful and colorful as it is, is a mere shadow of the living color and awesome reality to come. In Heaven, our bodies will be immortal and shine with the More Details

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