Resources : Full Length Individual Sermons
  • Living the Dream (CD) (ILC14) Full Length Individual Sermons

    “And they lived happily ever after.” This is a typical fairytale  ending. However, it’s the anticipated truth for every believer. The world around us, as beautiful and colorful as it is, is a mere shadow of the living color and awesome reality to come. In Heaven, our bodies will be immortal and shine with the More Details

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  • Life in the Father's House (CD) (ILC15) Full Length Individual Sermons

    This captivating series comes to a conclusion with an exploration of our future heavenly home. Pastor Davey opens the book of Revelation to unpack the architectural immensity—and infinite glory—of the Father’s house and our place in it. Not only will we live in the Celestial City on a perfected earth within a  More Details

    Price: $5.00