Resources : Audio Series
  • The Song: Compositions of King David, Volume 2 (CD) (SONG200) Audio Series

    Part of what makes David’s Psalms so enriching is that they are as practical as they are personal. His lyrics are filled with words of wisdom that touch every aspect of our lives today – aspects like parenting, relationships, persecution, worship, purity, and more. Stephen brings us more life lessons from these inspired lyrics in Volume More Details

    Price: $37.00

  • Proverbs: The Quest for Hidden Treasure (CD) (QFHT00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • 2 Samuel 12
    • 2 Chronicles 1
    • Proverbs
    Wisdom is that precious gem that nearly everyone desires, but few ever seek. Join Stephen in this series as he tells us how and where to look for it More Details

    Price: $37.00

  • Daniel: The First Wise Man (CD) (FWM00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Daniel 1
    Abducted from his home, forced into strange and pagan environments, required to answer to a new name and respond in a new language, Daniel had every reason to doubt God.  Instead, Daniel rose to the highest levels of political leadership without ever abandoning his faith.  He will leave a lasting legacy, providing clear evidence that a More Details

    Price: $27.00

  • The Prodigal Prophet (CD) (TPP00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Jonah 1 - 4
    When you think of Jonah, more than likely you also think of a big fish! Well the book of Jonah is much more than a fish story. It's an amazing account of God delivering grace to a people who deserved nothing but judgment as well as an account of a prophet delivering a message he needed for himself. Join Stephen in this study as he reveals More Details

    Price: $31.50

  • Overcoming The Me Attitudes (CD) (OTMA00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Matthew 5:1 - 12
    According to Christ's own words, happiness is not found by getting your own way, but by giving yourself away. It's not attained by gaining the world, but by learning how to give it up. Taken from our Lord's Sermon on the Mount, this series of messages will challenge you to replace your Me Attitudes with Beatitudes More Details

    Price: $22.50

  • Mark - Vol 1 (CD) (MRK100) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Mark 1 - 4
    As flames engulf the city of Rome, Christians are being blamed. Fearing for their lives, they are forced to meet in secret. Then a letter from Mark arrives. His words open their eyes as they learn of Jesus' power over sickness, disease and death. Their fearful hearts are encouraged and they are inspired to follow Him regardless of the cost. So More Details

    Price: $40.00

  • Mark - Vol 2 (CD) (MRK200) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Mark 5 - 21
    In the latter half of Mark's Gospel, Jesus teaches His disciples what it really means to be His ambassadors. So join Stephen in this series as he teaches us profound truths about discipleship from those private conversations More Details

    Price: $43.00