Resources : Audio Series
  • Going Public: Christianity in the Marketplace (CD Set) Audio Series

    Local churches are a haven for believers; not a fortress. It is far too easy to grow comfortable in the subculture of Christian programs, media, and industry, that we can go an entire week, month, or year without ever having a significant missional interchange with an unbeliever. In this convicting and practical look at New Testament passages, More Details

    Price: $18.00

  • Introducing God (CD Set) Audio Series

    There are hundreds of books and manuals on how to evangelize a secular culture, but no manual can improve on Acts chapter 17. Here in this timeless snapshot of Paul’s ministry we are given an unforgettable picture of both the risks and rewards of true evangelism. Leave your megaphones, soapboxes, and cardboard signs at home and join Paul as More Details

    Price: $32.00

  • The Enemy of Your Soul (CD Set) Audio Series

    Price: $13.50

  • His Family Tree (CD Set) Audio Series

    In our Bibles, the various genealogies (or records of descent) can be challenging, so they’re often glossed over or even skipped. Names can be difficult to pronounce, and we sometimes think it’s better just to get to the meaningful parts. But knowing about the family tree of Jesus is meaningful. In Matthew’s recorded genealogy of More Details

    Price: $18.00

  • In Living Color (CD Set) Audio Series

    Creation shows us who God is and reveals His utter magnificence. From the vastness of the universe to the minutest cell, creation should cause us to stand in amazement of Creator God, leaving no excuse for denial. Creation is intricate, complex, and alive—and it is all under God’s sovereignty. In response to this truth, More Details

    Price: $52.00