Resources : Audio Series
  • An Indescribable Gift (CD Set) Audio Series

    Beyond those present at the Nativity—including Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, and baby Jesus—God included other characters in His drama we call the Christmas Story. But who are they? And what part do they play in the timeless scenes that unfold? Find out in this booklet as Stephen discusses an Old Testament prophet, a surprising More Details

    Price: $13.50

  • Stewardship 101 (CD Set) Audio Series

    Money is a sensitive subject, isn’t it? We work hard for it. We need it to survive. We treasure it and keep it safe. So when a Pastor gets up in the pulpit and starts talking about stewardship, most of us just cling to our wallets and purses and tune him out! But the problem is, according to Scripture, stewardship is as necessary to our More Details

    Price: $9.00

  • Breaking Up Stony Ground (CD Set) Audio Series

    What do worry, selfishness, deceit, despair and lust have in common? They are some of Satan’s most effective tools in rendering us unresponsive toward Christ and ineffective in ministry. Are these affecting you today? Stephen brings us the cure in his probing new series “Breaking up Stony Ground.&rdquo More Details

    Price: $34.00

  • Forgotten Lives . . . Remembered Truths (CD Set) Audio Series

    Does the name Jochebed mean anything to you? How about Hezekiah or Jephthah or Ehud? Sadly, if the average Christian were asked to write a list of Old Testament movers and shakers, these names wouldn’t be on it. In this insightful new series, Stephen dusts off a few of the most impactful, yet overlooked stories in the Old Testament to teach More Details

    Price: $27.00

  • Upon this Rock (CD Set) Audio Series

    In two thousand years of Church History, even with numerous reformations and revivals, local churches have never been so confused about their purpose and identity as they are today. In our generation, thousands of Christians have left church out of disenchantment. Coffee shop Christianity has become the new norm. So what is the purpose of the local More Details

    Price: $37.00

  • Going Public: Christianity in the Marketplace (CD Set) Audio Series

    Local churches are a haven for believers; not a fortress. It is far too easy to grow comfortable in the subculture of Christian programs, media, and industry, that we can go an entire week, month, or year without ever having a significant missional interchange with an unbeliever. In this convicting and practical look at New Testament passages, More Details

    Price: $18.00

  • Introducing God (CD Set) Audio Series

    There are hundreds of books and manuals on how to evangelize a secular culture, but no manual can improve on Acts chapter 17. Here in this timeless snapshot of Paul’s ministry we are given an unforgettable picture of both the risks and rewards of true evangelism. Leave your megaphones, soapboxes, and cardboard signs at home and join Paul as More Details

    Price: $32.00