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When Your Hands are Tied - 2 Kings 2:19-25 (transcript) (KCH23)


A gentlemen that I read of recently, had taken a trip to Russia.  He, and several other pastors, took the trip to silently assess the need for Christian radio.  The time was before the Soviet iron curtain had come down.

One of their tour stops was a collective farm in Siberia.  The local commissar met these American tourists and said that his city was actually very proud of their church.  He even invited them to walk with him to see it.  While the Commissar did not know that they were all pastors, he evidently wanted to deliver a message to these Americans.

As they neared the church, the pastors were surprised by the sight of a beautiful white building with its typical onion-shaped turrets.  As they drew closer, they could see Communist slogans painted on the church walls, as well as signs posted on the red picket fence surrounding the building.  As they stepped inside, they saw that the vestibule was similar to any church vestibule.  However, when they stepped into the sanctuary, they were shocked.  It had lost all semblance of its original purpose as a place of worship.  From floor to ceiling, there were row after row of chicken coops filled with cackling hens.  The commissar gestured proudly, “Our church is a chicken hatchery, the finest hatchery in Siberia!”

The Commissar then turned to his American guests, smiled broadly, and announced, “God isn’t real, chickens are real!”

Scripture References

  • 2 Kings 2:19 - 25
  • 2 Kings 4:1 - 2
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