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When the Sky Began to Fall - Revelation 6:12-17 (transcript) (FHCWM06)


Chicken Little delivered a prophecy.  She was eating her lunch one day and an acorn fell on her head.  She went into a panic, running around yelling, “The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!”  And she headed out to warn the king.

This old fable is mistakenly attributed to Aesop’s Fables, but actually originated in the Far East, six hundred years before the birth of Christ.

In the English version that dates centuries ago, the chicken runs toward the palace, gathering all sorts of animals along the way.  She convinces them the sky is truly falling and they all get in a panic.

All of these animals had rhyming names, as you may remember.  They had names like, “Henny Penny” and “Turkey Lurkey” and “Goosey Loosey”.

We are really going deep today!

Then who comes along?  “Foxy Loxy.”  Do you remember him?  He promises the animals that he can protect them from the falling sky.  However, he lures them into his trap and eats them, except for Chicken Little who escapes with her life.

In every version – except the newest Walt Disney movie version which actually reverses the moral of the story – the basic theme has always been, “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

In past generations, the story was even given a political makeover.  The silly chicken jumps to the wrong conclusion and whips the populace into mass hysteria, which then allows conniving foxes an opportunity to manipulate and harm the innocent but misguided.

What has survived over the centuries from this tale of “Chicken Little,” among other things, is the phrase we use to speak of an alarmist who predicts the worst.  We say, “They think the sky is falling.”  This is sort of a mocking gesture, “Oh, they think the sky is falling, the sky is falling.”

In other words, “Do not believe the doomsayers.  They are deluded people, running around like silly chickens.  The sky is not falling and the sky will never fall.”

Scripture References

  • Revelation 6:12 - 17
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