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  • The Myths, Messengers and Mystery of Christmas (Booklet) (MOC00) Books & Booklets

    Scripture References

    • Matthew 2:1 - 12
    • Luke 1:1 - 2:52
    Because of the watered down, trivialized holidy season, the Church is in danger of forgetting the true significance of Christmas. People have forgotten that the Christmas story is actually a brutal scene: a lonely, desperate set of circumstances that takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster. The story begins with intrigue and ends with More Details

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  • Trees...and the Christmas Story (Booklet) (TCS00) Books & Booklets

    Were evergreen trees a symbol of pagan worship? Did the Romans really decorate their temples with holly, ivy and mistletoe? Should sincere Christians have a Christmas tree in their living room? In this special holiday booklet, Stephen will trace the extraordinary relationship between trees...and the Christmas story More Details

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  • The Chronicles of Christmas (Booklet) (CC00) Books & Booklets

    With magical pen in hand, C.S. Lewis crafted a beautiful tale filled with mystical places, talking animals, and fierce battles in a land called Narnia. Lewis wrote, "The whole story of Narnia is the story about Christ. I asked myself: supposing that there really was a world like Narnia and supposing it had (like our world) gone wrong, and supposing More Details

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  • Emmanuel (Booklet) Books & Booklets

    The birth of Christ is unique in all of human history. But what difference did it make to those early, first century participants? And what difference does it make for us today? In this profound booklet, Stephen Davey reveals significant truths that will cause you, like the wise men of old, to worship the Son of God anew More Details

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  • Beyond Bethlehem (Book) (BEBE00) Books & Booklets

    Many people have a basic understanding of several key events in the life of Jesus Christ: His birth in a stable, His Sermon on the Mount, His crucifixion, and His resurrection. But what happened during all those “other” years? In this series of messages, Stephen uncovers rich and practical truths taken from several often-overlooked More Details

    Price: $8.00

  • An Indescribable Gift (Book) (AIG00) Books & Booklets

    Beyond those present at the Nativity—including Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, and baby Jesus—God included other characters in His drama we call the Christmas Story. But who are they? And what part do they play in the timeless scenes that unfold? Find out in this booklet as Stephen discusses an Old Testament prophet, a surprising More Details

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  • Christmas Light (Booklet) (CHL00) Books & Booklets

    Dark clouds are surrounding the Church. James has been martyred. Peter has allegedly been crucified upside down. And even Paul has been beheaded by Nero. But John, the last living apostle, will flood every heart with light as he delivers an unashamed and unforgettable eye-witness account More Details

    Price: $4.00