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  • The Fox Hole (New Rhyming Edition) Children's Books

    When a fox named Finnick leaves his hole to find a bigger, better, brighter spot, he learns that the grass is not always greener on the other side. This rhyming, beautifully-illustrated parable takes readers up mountains, down rivers, and deep into forests as they, along with Finnick, learn a valuable lesson of contentment More Details

    Price: $18.00

  • The Lion's Pride Children's Books

    Full of laughter, suspense, unique characters, and heart-warming encounters, this rhyming, heroic parable of humility is sure to leave a lasting impact on children and adults alike More Details

    Price: $22.00

  • The Big Cat Spat (a fable) Children's Books

    Back in stock More Details

    Price: $15.00

    Sale Price: $7.00

  • Marvel at the Mystery Children's Books

    One phrase that appears 26 times in the Gospel accounts is the phrase, "and they marveled," and this imaginative, poetic journey through the Life of Christ will help you to slow down, ponder the story afresh, and look at the Gospel through childlike eyes of wonder. Marvel at the Mystery is not just a children's book, by the way. With an More Details

    Price: $15.00