Resources : Audio Series
  • Genesis Vol 1- Origins (CD) (OR00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Genesis 1 - 11
    This series will take you from God's creation of man in the garden all the way to God's destruction of man by a flood, so join Stephen in this study of Genesis to discover what happened "in the beginning More Details

    Price: $34.00

  • Genesis Vol 2 - The Patriarchs (CD) (PAT00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Genesis 12 - 33
    What would you do if God came calling? Imagine the faith it took Abraham to leave his homeland and follow God's calling. His faith allowed him to experience incredible promises, including the greatest promise of all: the promise of the Messiah. Join Stephen in this fascinating journey through the lives of the Patriarchs as he shows More Details

    Price: $43.00

  • Genesis Vol 3 - God Meant it for Good (Series CD) (GMG00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Genesis 37 - 50
    A teenage dreamer's life is shattered when his jealous brothers throw him into a pit and then sell him into slavery. But through Joseph's difficult life we discover the profound truth that trials are really a gift in disguise. Joseph learns the lesson that we all need to learn today: God meant it for good More Details

    Price: $34.00

  • Genesis - All 3 Volumes: Origins, Patriarchs & God Meant it for Good(CD) (GEN00) Audio Series

    This three audio series collection is all the material you hear in Origins, The Patriarchs and God Meant it for Good: The Life of Joseph, plus study questions and application points at the end of each chapter. Ideal for small group or personal Bible study, these 3 volumes will take you deeper in your understanding of the Old Testament and More Details

    Price: $111.00

    Sale Price: $88.80

  • The Enoch Example: A Father's Legacy (CD) (EEX00) Audio Series

    Everyone has a legacy. What will yours be? Will your children say you walked with God or ran from Him? Will your grandchildren receive an inheritance of earthly riches or heavenly ones? Discover the answer to those questions in this series, "The Enoch Example More Details

    Price: $9.00

  • Exodus Vol I - Out of Egypt (CD) (OE00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Exodus 1 - 18
    In this series Stephen surveys the life of Moses -- a faithful man with profound limitations used in a mighty way for the glory of God. Moses reminds us that God will use us when we commit ourselves to Him More Details

    Price: $43.00

  • Exodus Vol II - Down From Sinai: Accepting God's Revelation (CD) (DFS00) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Exodus 19 - 20
    10 simple rules provide the legislative foundation for multiple nations around the globe. Written more than 4,000 years ago, they are still hotly debated. Though pundits may contest their role in modern government, one thing can not be disputed: they were written to be obeyed. But are these 10 Commandments meant to be obeyed by New More Details

    Price: $40.00