How do I know my decisions honor God?

How can you know if you did the right thing that was in obedience and honoring to God?

We know that God has a clear moral code and commandments for His people. But what about topics God doesn’t directly speak on, like homeschooling? What about the topics we call “Christian liberties,” where the Bible may provide guidance but not outright commands. I think there are three questions every believer should ask themselves as they try to align their lives with God’s Word and his will.

What does the Bible say about this?

God’s revealed Word to humanity is the ultimate standard for our obedience Him. If the Bible speaks unambiguously on a topic, that is the end of the question. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105). You do what the Bible says. But if the Bible doesn’t give a clear command, consider this second question:

Do I feel a conviction from the Spirit?

Now, this is where the matter gets a little more complicated. While the words of the Bible are often clear, our sinful nature can confuse and twist our feelings and convictions.

However, we know that God the Holy Spirit indwells every believer and leads and guides us through our consciences. If you feel your conscience leading you, follow it. If you don’t, then move to this third and final question.

How is God directing my circumstances in this matter?

If God has used financial restraints, workplace limits, or other circumstances to direct you, prayerfully consider what these closed or opened doors mean. God is sovereign, and He does lead us. He will open and close doors of opportunities for us, and we should humbly and prayerfully walk through life looking for His guidance for every step.

As you look for the right school choice for your children, seek the Lord’s guidance in prayer, and make the wisest decision for your family. And continue to regularly reevaluate and reconsider what God’s will for your family is. At various points, my children were homeschooled, in private school, and in public school, and as we continued to seek God’s guidance, He was faithful in directing our steps.

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