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Today We Are Praying for Widows

Our ministry received the following note from Barbara Ann:

“I was widowed a year and half ago. You and BBN have held me up in the LORD. I listen 2 times a day when I can. We were married 54 years. Today I had the opportunity to tell 2 adults that they too can make it that long or longer if they trust in the LORD and love as he loves us.”

Praying for widows is a crucial part of our Christian duty, as scripture encourages us to care for and support those in need. When praying for widows, consider their unique needs and challenges. Pray for God's comforting presence to envelop them in their grief and loneliness, and for His peace to fill their hearts in the midst of loss. Ask the Lord to meet their financial, emotional, and physical needs, and to raise up supportive community around them. Pray also for their spiritual strength, that they would be drawn closer to God and experience His love and faithfulness in profound ways. Moreover, pray for their purpose and impact, that they may continue to have opportunities to share wisdom, display resilience, and provide testament to God's grace and provision. Let's persistently lift up widows to God, trusting in His promise to be a defender of the fatherless and the widow (Psalm 68:5).

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