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Today We Are Praying For the Philippines

Last week, over 300 people in the Philippines accessed our Bible teaching content. Join us today in praying for the people on The Philippines. 

The Philippines is predominantly Catholic but has a growing number of Evangelical believers. Some of the challenges facing the church include nominal Christianity, poverty, political corruption, and natural disasters. Below are several practical ways to pray for your fellow believers in the Philippines and for a greater impact of the Gospel in the nation.

  1. Spiritual Depth and Discipleship: There is a need for deeper discipleship and biblical literacy. Pray for growth in understanding and applying the Scriptures, and for the rise of mentors and teachers who can guide others in spiritual maturity.

  2. Political Wisdom and Integrity: The Philippines faces political challenges, including corruption and issues related to justice and human rights. Pray for Christian leaders in political roles, that they may act with integrity and righteousness. Also, pray for wisdom for Christians as they engage with their country's political processes.

  3. Natural Disasters and Resilience: The Philippines is prone to natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Pray for churches and Christian organizations that provide aid and relief, that they may be effective witnesses of Christ's love in these situations. Ask God to grant resilience and hope to those affected.

  4. Outreach to Indigenous and Muslim Communities: There are significant indigenous and Muslim populations in parts of the Philippines that are largely unreached by the Gospel. Pray for cultural sensitivity and openness as Christians reach out to these communities. Ask God to prepare the hearts of these people to receive the Gospel.

  5. Youth and the Next Generation: The Philippines has a young population, and they are the future of the Church. Pray for youth ministries, Christian organizations in schools, and Christian educators to effectively disciple young people. Pray that the young generation would be passionate followers of Christ, grounded in the Word, and equipped to face contemporary challenges.

  6. Family and Social Issues: Family is an important aspect of Filipino culture. However, the country also faces social issues such as poverty, drug abuse, and broken families. Pray for Christian families to be models of love and stability and for the Church to address these social issues effectively.

  7. Media and the Arts: The Filipino culture is rich in arts and media. Pray for Christian artists, musicians, and media professionals to be salt and light in their industries. Pray that through their work, they would be able to communicate the Gospel message in creative and compelling ways.

By focusing on these prayer points, you can join in intercession for the nation of the Philippines, advocating for the Gospel to penetrate every sector of society and transform lives from the inside out.

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