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The studies encourage, exhort, and edify me.

The following is a translation of a letter we received from Maritza, who lives in Central America:

I am immensely grateful to our LORD, for your lives and for your ministry Wisdom for the Heart. The Bible studies have helped me recognize every day how much I need the guidance of the GOD of Israel. They help me to see that I am that little sheep that must be continually listening to the voice of JESUS CHRIST, my shepherd, so as not to deviate from the purpose for which He created me. The special style of studies encourages me, exhorts me, edifies me, I fall in love more with the word of GOD. You are that light that the LORD JESUS CHRIST uses to show us the truth with so many examples of daily life and not fall so subtly into the deception of this world that wants to distance us from the Gospel.

Join us in prayer today for Maritza and others who are learning to walk with God as they experience the truth from His Word. 

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