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Pray For The Christians In Colombia

Each month, we receive email messages from listeners in Colombia who access our Spanish broadcast. For example, Alejandra said this:

"I am a teacher and, every time I listen to the program, it inspires me and God allows me to communicate to my students what I learn through this ministry. There are many children and young people who need God and his Word. God continue to bless you."

Join us in praying for the Christians in Colombia, and pray that many more would come to faith in Christ through the power of God’s Word.

Go Deeper:

Colombia is a country located in the northern tip of South America, known for its diverse culture, rich history, and beautiful landscapes. It has a population of around 50 million people, making it the third most populous country in Latin America. Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion, although there is a growing Protestant minority and increasing secularism among the younger population.

Here is a prayer guide on how Christians can pray for Colombia:

  1. Peace and Reconciliation: Colombia has a long history of internal conflict, with ongoing struggles between the government, rebel groups, and drug cartels. Pray for lasting peace and reconciliation. Ask God to heal the wounds of violence and bring about justice for victims and their families.

  2. Growth of the Church: Pray for the Church in Colombia to continue growing in number and spiritual depth. Pray for unity among different Christian denominations and movements. Ask God to strengthen believers and church leaders, equipping them to effectively share their faith and make a positive impact in their communities.

  3. Government and Leaders: Pray for Colombia's government and leaders, that they would lead with wisdom, integrity, and a heart for justice. Ask God to guide their decisions in promoting peace, stability, prosperity, and respect for human rights.

  4. Social and Economic Challenges: Colombia faces various social and economic challenges, such as poverty, inequality, and inadequate access to education and healthcare. Pray for effective strategies to address these issues and for God's provision in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

  5. Christian Discipleship and Witness: Pray for believers in Colombia to grow in their faith and to be a powerful witness to those around them. Pray for effective discipleship initiatives and resources that equip Christians to live out their faith in all areas of life, demonstrating the love and truth of Christ in both words and actions.

  6. Protection and Healing: Pray for protection over individuals and communities that are vulnerable to violence, trafficking, and other forms of exploitation. Ask God to bring healing and restoration to those who have suffered, and to raise up advocates and organizations that work to defend the rights and well-being of at-risk populations.

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