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Pray for our expansion into new languages

Victoria from Eastern Europe said this:

I was reading about your ministry and staff. I just heard your program for the first time today about how God created marriage. I enjoyed the message. I was glad to know about all of the different languages the program is in, but I was disappointed about the many other languages it is not in, such as Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, and other Slavic languages, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hebrew, and many other languages. I hope that when you can expand your ministry that you will consider these and other languages to have your program in. 

It’s always encouraging to hear from a listener in another part of the world. We are committed to providing resources in as many languages as God enables. Pray that God would stir the hearts of His people and that we can launch new languages. Our prayer and vision is to be in the top 45 most spoken languages of the world. 

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