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News and Updates About Our Ministry


Wisdom International has launched an exciting new feature on our website. We can now make a direct international impact for the sake of the gospel.

We have a strategic partnership with a firm that develops and supports the technology behind our website. Several months ago, we asked them to deploy a feature that allows people to experience our website in their native language. When you visit, you can select a language. When you do, the site will change and our content in that language will display.

Now that this technology is available, my team has a huge task to accomplish. We have hundreds of messages translated and recorded in Mandarin, Spanish, Swahili, Arabic, and Portuguese. In addition, we have print resources in Hindi, Telugu, and Kirundi. We have uploaded some content in Mandarin and Kirundi to verify that everything is working. We now have the task of uploading and deploying all our language content.

Here's how you can pray:

  1. Pray for the staff team at Wisdom International. Our immediate goal is to deploy our current content and make our website available in nine languages. This will take several months and hundreds of hours.
  2. We are looking for volunteers who can speak these languages to help us verify the wording on our website.
  3. My long-term vision is to see The Wisdom Journey, my three-year series through the Bible, translated and recorded in the top 45 languages of the world. We will pursue this, one language at a time, as God enables us.