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Heartbeat - November 2019

November 1, 2019


My son, J.S. Davey, producer at Wisdom for the Heart and author of childlike fables that many of you have enjoyed reading with your kids and grandkids (books like The Lion's PrideThe Fox Hole, and The Big Cat Spat), has spent the last year illustrating a beautiful new book on the Life of Christ called Marvel at the Mystery. The paintings are imaginative and whimsical enough to inspire children of all ages to see the Gospel through fresh eyes, but the poetry and behind-the-scenes devotional commentary make this a must-read for adults as well. Best put, this is a book for families to share together. 

Christmas is fast approaching and soon we'll pass by nativity scenes in front yards, shop windows, and church lobbies. But have we become desensitized to the scene? Has the story become so familiar to us that we rush through the drama without pondering the awesome mystery of each defining moment? One phrase that appears 26 times in the Gospel accounts is the phrase, "and they marveled," and this new resource will help you to slow down, ponder the story afresh, and look at the Life of Christ through childlike eyes of wonder. 

Marvel at the Mystery is Wisdom's resource for the month of November and we want you to have a chance to order copies for friends and family in time for Christmas. Simply follow the link here and order your copy today. We are so thankful for you,